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Hookah lounges deserve easy merchant accounts too

hookah lounge credit card processing

If you own a hookah lounge, you know how difficult it can be to obtain a merchant account without fear of service stoppage or exorbitant monthly premiums.  With this in mind, we offer merchants special hookah lounge credit card processing accounts.  Our virtual gateway, eBizCharge, can easily accept swiped credit cards–and, you can take advantage of our simple, effective interface and reporting tools to make financial auditing a breeze.

Hookah lounge credit card processing benefits

Century caters to you by giving you:

  • Our eBizCharge virtual gateway for easy processing in your lounge.  (If you want to continue using your physical credit card terminal, that’s okay too.)
  • An array of easy reporting tools to make individual searches or reports much easier.
  • The eBizCharge payment app, perfect for the businessperson who likes to get out from behind the counter–ideal for a hookah lounge.

Additional perks Century offers:

  • No long-term commitments required.
  • A dedicated chargeback management team that will notify and advise you in the event of a chargeback.
  • Completely local 24/7 customer service, straight from Irvine, CA–never outsourced.

Get started today

Don’t tolerate high monthly fees, spotty service, or even that high risk label–we can help you with hookah lounge credit card processing today.  Use the form on your right to get started.

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