B2B Wholesale Distributor credit card processing

B2B Wholesale, Manufacturers, and Distribution Merchant Account Services

Century Business Solutions’ products were developed with B2B wholesale distribution companies in mind: companies that sell to other businesses and hardly ever see their customers’ credit cards–and, when they do accept credit cards, they’re usually corporate or purchasing cards, the most expensive kinds of credit cards to accept

B2B Payment Processing Solutions

we offer a variety of different payment processing solutions for B2B processing, from physical and virtual terminals to fully integrated accounting solutions that allow you to not only save money on your processing costs, but to also improve accounting workflows by reducing double data entry and eliminating nightly reconciliations.

In addition, our processing solutions are PCI-Compliant and designed to reduce your PCI scope by storing your customers information off-site. We also encrypt and tokenize payment information to maximize the security of saved information for recurring billing purposes.

How you can benefit from our B2B merchant services/solutions:

With our integrations to QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage 100 Standard (MAS 90), Sage 100 Advanced (MAS 200)BusinessWorks, and many others, we can not only streamline your billing procedures but also lower your monthly processing fees significantly. Our payment processing software can also be used on a stand-alone basis if you happen to use a billing system that can not be integrated with our gateway. The processing module is completely web-based, capable of processing all your B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2G (Business-to-government) transactions.  

B2B wholesale distribution companies can benefit in these ways:

About our payment gateway:

  • View your entire batch history anytime
  • Enjoy 45+ search criteria to build customized reports
  • Send invoices via email to get paid fast
  • Custom portal for your clients to pay one or multiple invoices

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There are plenty of ways to speed up your process as a B2B wholesale distribution company and increase your profitability with our solution for B2B payment processing.  Contact us using the form on your right and we’ll show you what options are available to you.