education credit card processing

Education credit card processing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive

Credit card processing for educational institutions is rarely given the attention it deserves. Schools, colleges, and other similarly-situated nonprofit organizations can all benefit from cost-saving, time-saving solutions. With this in mind, Century has developed a proprietary virtual gateway that streamlines education credit card processing procedures greatly while obtaining the lowest base costs for all credit cards automatically. No matter whether you process online (e.g. donations, tuition, etc.) or in person (e.g. cafeteria, bookstore, tuition, etc.), we have a range of solutions for you that are not only completely safe, but trackable and low-cost.

Some extra benefits of using our services for education credit card processing:

As an educational institute, there are plenty of ways to speed up your payment process and increase your profitability with our software, specific for education credit card processing.  Use the form to your right to contact us and we’ll show you what credit card processing options are available to you.