petroleum credit card processing

Petroleum credit card processing without the double work

In the petroleum industry, timing is everything. Your salespeople answer the phones, your system processes the orders, and your trucks are on the road—all like clockwork, without a second to spare. In a trade where your customers depend on you to be expedient, you can use all the help possible. That’s why we developed petroleum credit card processing enhancements specifically for the industry, with full integrations to many different accounting systems.

Petroleum credit card processing integrations allow you to accept payments directly inside your ERP system, which means no more double entries at the end of the day—simply accept a payment and you’re finished with it. What’s more, we developed our integrations specifically to obtain lower interchange levels (base costs) on business-type credit cards, which means you can cut between 25-40% off your total fees and charges.

Benefits of petroleum credit card processing with Century Business Solutions

Here are some of the benefits of using our services:

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