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Level 3 Credit Card Processing

level 3 credit card processing

Level 3 credit card processing is probably one of the credit card processing industry’s best kept secrets.

Merchants who use specific level 3-capable payment integration to their accounting systems or online shopping carts can save a substantial amount on their B2B transactions.

Level 3 is specific to B2B transactions, as more line item detail about your transactions can be provided to Visa and MasterCard which satisfies their requirements for a lower base cost, as that extra information is much less likely to be fraudulent than a transaction that only includes a name, a date, and a charge amount.

Credit card processing can be divided up into three different categories: level 1, level 2, and level 3. As you satisfy different level requirements by providing more transaction information in either your payment gateway or accounting program, you pay less to accept that transaction.

How do you achieve level 3 credit card processing?

Here’s an overview of the different processing levels:

Level 1 credit card processing can be satisfied with the least data, just a merchant name, transaction date, and transaction amount–all B2C transactions are necessarily level 1, as without this required data, the credit cards can’t be accepted for payment.

Level 2 credit card processing includes all level 1 data plus a customer code and total tax amount.  Level 2 processing qualifies merchants for a slightly lower cost than would be paid with only level 1 data.

Level 3 credit card processing includes much more additional information: all level 1 data, level 2 data, plus a return postal code, destination postal code, invoice number, order number, freight amount, and purchase line item detail.

Century’s Level 3 credit card processing solution for businesses

We have developed our payment gateway, eBizCharge, to pass level 3 credit card processing data specifically to let merchants take advantage of the lower transaction costs available to them.  In addition to providing level 3 data, eBizCharge comes with these exclusive benefits:

Take advantage of level 3 credit card processing today

If you run a B2B company and accept credit cards for payment, you have the potential to lower your costs substantially with Century Business Solutions.  Use the form to your right to contact us or call us at 1-888-500-7798, and we’ll show you how much you can reduce your spending on payment processing.

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