Exact Macola Payment Processing Solution

Why Integrated Solutions for Exact Macola Credit Card Processing?

Is your business up to snuff in every way possible except your daily credit card processing procedures?  Many businesses invest in the latest technology for their manufacturing equipment and use the best vendors for their raw materials.  In an age where nearly everything is automated, why should your credit card processing be any different?  Century Business Solutions provides a PCI compliant credit card processing module, EBizCharge, that plugs into your Exact Macola system and posts payments to your invoices for you.  This substantially reduces the time you spend on credit card processing procedures at the end of each day.

exact macola credit card processing

Exact Macola Credit Card Processing Tabs

You can use the Exact Macola credit card processing plugin to accept credit card transactions in any of these tabs within Exact Macola 10, ES, and Progression:

  • Enter Sales Orders
    • Enter Orders
      • O-type orders
        • Pre-authorization
        • Straight sale
    • Select for Billing
      • I-type orders
        • Pre-authorization
        • Straight sale
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Credit Memos
      • Issue refunds
  • Outstanding AR
    • Pre-authorization
    • Straight sale

Features of our Exact Macola Credit Card Processing module:

  • Marks all invoices as paid when you run your daily update
  • Tokenization – credit card information is stored as a token within Exact Macola

Features of our EBizCharge Payment Gateway:

  • View your batch in real time
  • Unlimited batch history
  • 45+ different search criteria for past transactions
  • Easily issue credits and voids
  • E-mail receipt features
  • Customizable reporting tools as well as many pre-populated, easy reports
  • All-in-one reporting – separate transactions by user and method (eCommerce, mobile payments, etc.)
  • PCI compliant
  • Desktop and mobile solutions
  • Unlimited, 24/7 support

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