retail credit card processing

How can Century Business Solution’s retail credit card processing improve your business?

Our virtual gateway, EBizCharge POS, makes an accountant’s life much easier and gets lower base costs on all types of credit cards–even American Express.

Clearly, saving money is good for any business, as is finding ways to streamline daily procedures.  We’ve designed EBizCharge to provide those capabilities to you automatically, and at no additional charge, so your business reduces daily overhead and excess credit card processing fees by using our retail credit card processing solution.


How we lower your overall fees:

  • Our gateway qualifies your credit cards at the best interchange levels.  These costs aren’t possible to achieve with physical card terminals and most virtual gateways, but we can guarantee our cost advantage with EBizCharge.
  • We do this automatically, so you’re not required to sit and enter extra data at the end of the day.
  • Our relationship with American Express allows us to lower those costs as well.


How we save you time:

EBizCharge is equipped with a variety of reporting and searching features, and can expand and change with your business.  For example:

  • Search for transactions by over 45 different search criteria, including customer name, partial card number, item description, billing ZIP code, and many others.
  • Compile daily and monthly processing reports with just a click.
  • Sort through transactions by workstation, perfect for measuring sales by CSR.
  • Divide transactions by channel, such as mobile app transactions, shopping cart transactions, and more.
  • Set permissions for multiple users to keep confidential information private.


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