Process credit cards through X-Cart

X-Cart has introduced a first-rate solution for internet-based stores. Our X-Cart credit card processing integration works flawlessly with all X-Cart features and will allow you to easily manage your online sales.

Century Business Solutions’ X-Cart credit card processing integration is unlike any other because we have developed a way to pass more information through the point of sale, which helps us qualify cards at the lowest possible interchange rates with absolutely no additional work on your part.

The X-Cart credit card processing advantage:


Revenue-boosting Benefits

Increase your online store’s revenue and profits by accepting credit card payments and making it quick, safe, and easy to charge your customers. By accepting credit cards, customers are likely to spend more per average ticket and more likely to buy more.





Complete Control

X-Cart lets you customize the look, feel and functionality of your site to reflect your brand’s personality. Seamlessly integrate our credit card processing integration to start accepting credit card payments online. View all your transactions with our reporting tools and easily view all charges online.



Expert Support

Get the help you need to maximize your success. Our team of customer support specialists are trained and ready to answer your questions about accepting credit cards at your X-Cart online store. Our support team will fully support any integrated solutions, including our X-Cart credit card processing integration.



Our X-Cart Credit Card Processing integration allows merchants to:

Qualify all types of credit and debit cards including business and government-type cards at the LOWEST interchange levels

Send payment requests to customers via email

Store customer card information on our completely PCI-compliant server, greatly facilitating repeat orders within our EBizCharge gateway

Ability to pre-authorize/capture payments at the X-Cart shopping cart level and post/settle the payments into a batch within EBizCharge


Additionally, we offer merchants using our X-Cart credit card processing integration:

NO daily discount (fees debited once a month only).

NO installation fees and NO software update fees.

Our virtual gateway, EBizCharge, with features to easily search for past transactions and run reports.

Unlimited 24/7 responsive customer service provided by our in-house client services team in California. NO OUTSOURCING.

Whether a new customer or a business owner planning to utilize X-Cart credit card processing, you need to look no further for an alternative to process credit cards at your online store.