Project Description

Payment processing Solutions for Retailers

Century Business Solutions has a product for every industry that accepts credit cards as a form of payment. One obvious industry that we are very successful at improving is the retail credit card processing industry. Recognizing the need for easily managed and operated inventory and transaction history, Century Business Solutions offers a variety of solutions for retail merchants.

One of those solutions is our very own EBizCharge POS. This is our in-house developed retail credit card processing software for small retail operations. This software enables you to easily run a sale, credit, void, or authorization from a computer desktop. You can swipe a card in person with one of our Magtek readers that plugs into any USB port on your PC or laptop.

Running sales on a mobile device? No problem. With EBizCharge for iPhone or Android you can easily manage your retail credit card processing sales right from your mobile device.

In addition to our personally developed software solutions, we have partnered with companies like Smartwerks and TylerNET who have specialized retail programs to manage your sales and inventory with in-depth detail. We have trusted their service and product to partner with them to collectively deliver excellent customer service and unrivaled retail credit card processing solutions.

Here are a few things you can benefit from by using any of the above mentioned retail credit card processing solutions:

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to speed up your process as a retail credit card processing company, but we can also minimize the cost of accepting credit cards. With our software offerings, we have developed a way to pass the necessary data at the point of sale to qualify your cards at the lowest possible interchange levels. On average, we are saving retail credit card processing companies anywhere between 18% and 35% on their monthly merchant processing fees. So what are you waiting for? Let’s chat!