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Adult Credit Card Processing

Accept payments for adult toys and novelties without the hassle–even if you’re a wholesaler or manufacturer

Adult credit card processing can be difficult to come by, as usually it’s either too risky for processors to take on or you’re charged an arm and a leg to accept payments.  We’re happy to introduce our own processing solutions that cater specifically to adult entertainment retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.  Century provides integrated solutions to many different accounting systems, which saves time and cuts overall costs.

Century’s adult credit card processing solutions extend to these business models

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Take cards for payment at your storefront, no questions asked. Our virtual gateway gets you the lowest base costs for all types of credit cards automatically while providing an easy interface to accept transactions and view your whole batch in real time.  It’s easy to look up past transactions as well as issue voids and refunds.
Accept payments directly inside your system with our ERP credit card integration technology. This pays your invoices immediately so you don’t have to do the double-entry at the end of the day.  We can integrate processing in many different programs, including:

If you don’t use one of these systems, our standalone virtual gateway may be perfect for you.

Accept payments seamlessly through your online shopping cart and get automatic lower costs.  Nothing changes about your experience or your customers’ experience–just your fees.
Our mobile app makes trade show payments and other on-the-go transactions a cinch. Obtains the lowest base costs for all credit card transactions automatically while giving you all the capability of our full virtual terminal, including real-time batch viewing, transaction searching, and issuing voids and refunds.


Benefits for all of our adult credit card processing clients:

  • No long-term commitments
  • Our back end gateway, where you can view and search for transactions in real time and search for specific transactions by over 45 criteria
  • A dedicated chargeback management team that will notify and advise you in the event of a chargeback
  • Our 24/7 client service center based in Irvine, CA–no outsourcing

No more 10% effective costs!  Sign up today for fast, reliable service that won’t break the bank.

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