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Processing for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit organization thrives on donations. When it comes to payments, it’s important to be able to accept donations without having to worry about high processing fees.

With our affordable online payment processing for nonprofits, your business can proudly receive donations at the lowest possible rates, making it easy to contribute to an excellent cause.

Our PCI compliant payment gateway, EBizCharge, provides Level 3 pricing to guarantee the lowest interchange rates for your business. The EBizCharge payment gateway integrates with dozens of ERP/accounting software, CRM systems, and online shopping carts.

EBizCharge makes it easy to manage your financial reporting, and allows you to accept credit card payments directly within your existing software. Plus, you’ll eliminate steps in the accounting process and free up more time to dedicate to your cause.

Reduce processing costs

We specialize in providing affordable online payment processing for nonprofits. Whenever a business donates to you using a business-type credit card or GSA card, the EBizCharge PCI compliant payment gateway uses Level 3 pricing to automatically reduces your costs for those expensive types of cards.

There are nearly twenty fields of line-item detail that must be sent along with each transaction. These require details such as invoice number, PO number, item commodity code, freight amount, unit of measure, and many others. This can be a difficult and time-consuming process, as most software interfaces require businesses to enter these line-item details manually.

In order to help ensure the lowest processing fees for your nonprofit organization, EBizCharge takes line-item data and invoice information already stored in your accounting system and automatically sends it to our PCI compliant payment gateway.

Our online payment processing for nonprofits passes more information through the point of sale, which helps qualify your credit cards at the lowest possible interchange rates.

Processing with a merchant services provider that doesn’t offer Level 3 pricing can increase your rates by as much as 1.5% per transaction.

With the EBizCharge payment gateway, your nonprofit organization will achieve the lowest payment processing rates without having to do any additional work, making it simple and affordable to accept contributions.

Increase efficiency

EBizCharge provides powerful reporting tools that save you and your staff time:

  • Unlimited transactions/batch history for reporting purposes
  • Powerful search functionality to run custom reports
  • Ability to sort through transactions by category
  • Immediate release of funds
  • Ability to assign users and manage access limits with ease

Secure donation processing

Our online payment processing for nonprofits is fully PCI complaint, significantly reducing your organization’s liability when processing donations. We work hard to maintain advanced data security to keep your organization safe from credit card fraud.

EBizCharge uses data encryption and tokenization technology to ensure powerful information defense for sensitive credit card data at every stage of the transaction process.

Tokenization technology replaces credit card information with a unique token, and the original credit card data is no longer used for future transactions. Tokenization makes it impossible to hack or decipher your credit card data.

Our online payment processing for nonprofits adheres to all PCI specifications set by the Payment Card Industry to reduce security risks for business that process or transmit credit card information. EBizCharge houses sensitive data offsite on PCI-compliant servers to fully protect your donations. This ensures that all of your sensitive credit card information is securely protected at all times.

With EBizCharge, your organization can safely process donations with confidence, and rest assured that your donors and your organization remain safe from fraud.

Flexible payment integration

Our software integration technology is what separates us from other merchant service providers. Our credit card processing solutions integrate directly with your system, allowing you to accept electronic payments within your existing shopping cart, ERP/accounting software, or CRM system.

The payment application marks outstanding invoices as paid immediately, so there’s no need to go back into your software at the end of the day to reconcile your invoices or balance your general ledger.

24/7 customer support

We understand that businesses operate within a wide variety of hours, which is why we ensure that our in-house customer support team is available 24/7.

With EBizCharge, there are no call centers and no long wait times. We have live representatives ready to assist and resolve your inquiries around the clock, ensuring that you can always process donations with ease.

In addition, our PCI compliant payment solution is developed and maintained by in-house software developers to provide you with the most up-to-date integrations available.

Get affordable nonprofit payment processing today

Accepting donations is the core of every nonprofit organization. In order to streamline this process, nonprofits need a simple and affordable payment solution that makes it easy to receive contributions.

Our secure online payment processing for nonprofits is a simple solution that allows your organization to receive maximum donor revenue at significantly reduced processing rates.

EBizCharge is a PCI compliant payment gateway that provides Level 3 pricing to guarantee the most affordable payment processing for your organization.

With our advanced payment integration, supporting your cause is effortless and economical.

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