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Brian is a writer for Century Business Solutions covering integrated payments, credit card processing, and how to increase payment efficiency.

Discontinuation of Intuit’s Canadian Merchant Services for QuickBooks Desktop 2015

As of June 1, 2018, Intuit discontinued its merchant services for Canadian merchants using QuickBooks Desktop 2015, including Pro, Premier, Premier Accountant, Enterprise Solutions, and Enterprise Accountant Edition. Canadian users of Intuit Merchant Services are no longer able to process credit card transactions through [...]


4 Reasons Accountants Need Automated Payment Software

Accountants are changing the way they process payments. Outdated manual accounting tasks that delay your business from collecting payments and slow down your accounting workflow—such as manually reconciling invoices, entering transactions into multiple platforms, and updating accounting software—are being replaced by automated accounting software [...]


Celebrating National IT Professionals Day: 5 Credit Card Payment Security Tips for Small Businesses

National IT Professionals Day (observed every third Tuesday in September) honors the professionals of the IT world who keep our businesses secure. From desktops to laptops, mobile devices to servers or networks, IT professionals help keep our data safe. Without proper information security, sensitive [...]

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How to Accept Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks

Accepting credit card payments is a great way to increase your cash flow. Not every customer carries cash, and checks take much longer to process than credit cards. If your company uses QuickBooks to record payments, you can also use the software to accept credit [...]

How to Achieve Level 3 Processing Rates

If you’ve ever worked in the business-to-business (B2B) space, you may have heard about Level 3 processing. Level 3 processing helps lower your interchange rates and reduce overall processing fees. If your business accepts corporate, purchasing, or government credit cards, you can qualify for [...]

5 Simple Ways to Lower Your QuickBooks Credit Card Fees

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small businesses, with nearly 10 million users and 64.5% of the market share. With its versatile functions and user-friendly interface, QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool that allows businesses to manage its finances more efficiently. It’s also [...]

7 Workplace Conflicts Every Small Business Owner Will Face (And How to Deal with Them)

Running a small business definitely has its perks. From being your own boss to making decisions and creating your own schedule, the life of an entrepreneur signifies freedom and independence for many. In fact, according to a survey from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there [...]