B2B payment processing
B2B Payment Processing

Century Business Solutions offers a host of processing solutions that make B2B payment processing easier and more cost effective. We provide the tools and technology you need to process B2B payments while at your office, at a trade show, or on your website. From physical and virtual terminals to mobile devices and web forms, we provide you with everything you need to:

  • Accept all card types at anytime, anywhere, and from any device
  • Reduce your processing fees on government purchasing and corporate cards by passing line item data (Level 2 and  Level 3)
  • Integrate the payment processing directly into your accounting system to improve workflows
  • Save customers’ data and manage recurring payments with ease
  • Protect your customers’ data with our EBizCharge tokenization technology
  • Email invoices, receipts, and more

How do we obtain lowest processing rates on B2B payment processing?

B2B merchants deal with some of the most expensive forms of payment cards in the industry, such as corporate cards and government purchasing cards. These cards qualify for higher interchange levels set by Visa and MasterCard. One great way to reduce the interchange, sometimes by as much as a full percentage, is to provide the line item data associated with the transactions. This is also referred to as level 2 and level 3 data. Our proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, automatically passes this information to the acquiring bank to qualify the transaction at lower rates. This process in fully automated and you do not need to manually enter any information to run these type of transactions.

Watch a video about our EBizCharge payment gateway.

How can accounting system integration help your business?

We have successfully developed a variety of payment applications for many popular ERP/accounting systems and eCommerce shopping carts. These processing applications allow you to process payments directly within your software without having to log into any third-party virtual gateway and/or leave your workstation. In addition, you can accept mail or phone orders, and our payment applications  will automatically post payments to account receivable and update your general ledger. No more double data entries and no more human errors.

You can also provide your customers access to their individual client portal to view their invoices and pay one or multiple invoices immediately. Once payments are revived you can simply accept them and let the software apply them to the right accounts for you.

We do offer fully integrated processing solutions for:

We also integrate payment processing into eCommerce platforms and online shopping carts:

Our payment gateway utilizes the latest data encryption and tokenization technology to maximize the security of each and every B2B transaction. You can rest assured that your customers’ sensitive data is securely  processed and stored.

To learn more about our B2B payment processing solutions or to know more about our payment gateway and how to qualify for level 2 and 3 processing rates, feel free to call us to request a free quote.