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Credit Card Processing Solutions

Many of Century Business Solutions’ customers use the following billing and invoicing programs. We have developed ways to run credit card transactions through each of these systems. Although this is an extensive list, these are NOT ALL of the integrative credit card processing solutions we have available:

All of our solutions are designed with one thing in mind–efficiency and cost savings for your business.  The integrations we provide let you accept payments directly inside your ERP system.  This marks your invoices as paid and balances your general ledger for you, saving you valuable time every single day.  As well, the integrations are developed to obtain the lowest base costs on all types of credit and debit cards, including business-, purchasing-, and corporate-type credit cards–all with no additional work on your part.  Click any of the software links to learn more about that particular integration, or, if you don’t see your software package on the list, contact us using the sidebar to your right.  We offer many other credit card processing solutions not included here, and we’d love to give you something that fits your particular business.

Shopping Cart Credit Card Processing Solutions

In addition to these accounting systems, here are some of the shopping carts that we work with:

Shopping cart integrations are plugins, plain and simple.  Using one of our eCommerce shopping cart solutions won’t change a thing about the appearance of your cart or your customers’ experience.  However, using the plugins gets us lower base costs, which we then pass on to you.  Click any of the shopping cart links for more information on that particular plugin.