EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal

Century Business Solutions is proud to announce the addition of our EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal. With this new product, Century Business Solutions will be able to process credit card payments for businesses throughout Canada. EMV chips are currently utilized in Canada and are slowly making their way over to the United States with credit card companies – hoping to have EMV chip adoption by 2015.

Canada has completely moved to chip cards, so all POS systems that run in Canada are required to support Customer Facing Chip card terminals. The complexity involved in interfacing to this terminal and to the host is significant. The Canadian EMV certification component is three to five times more complex, including certifications separately with Visa, MasterCard and Interac. In addition, the cost of simulators and test cards can get very expensive. This is not cheap or easy. To complete a direct certification in under 6 months, a very skilled team is required. Most will take much, much longer. The best solution is to use a payment gateway such as EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal. Take a look at our Canadian EMV payment gateway solution and see how easy it is to deploy.

Century Business Solutions’ EBizChargEMV virtual terminal can be implemented in various ways and can:

  • Replace a physical terminal
  • Be used in conjunction with a shopping cart
  • Act as a standalone gateway
  • Be utilized as a POS system
  • Be directly integrated into various accounting software

With the EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal, merchants can access and view their transaction information along with other reporting tools 24/7.

Exclusive Features

At Century Business Solutions we understand what our clients want and need. That’s why we’ve customized the EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal to have everything you want and expect from a gateway. Some of the features that are exclusive to EBizChargEMV include:

  • The “details” button which allows merchants to see all details of every transaction
  • The ability to search and view all transactions processed during the lifetime of the account
  • The ability to search transaction history by over 60 different criterias
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Customizable reports
  • Void transactions to IMMEDIATELY release funds
  • The ability for administrators to manage multiple logins and limit access to specific pages

The EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal Advantage

Unlike other payment processing gateways, Cut Merchant Fees’ EBizChargEMV Virtual Terminal boasts a merchant retention rate of over 97%! Our customized gateway is intuitive, easy to use, and features multiple customized features to save you time, allowing you to work more efficiently.