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Have you been deemed high risk by your credit card processor?  We can help you with that.

As online business continues to grow, many merchants have problems accepting credit card payments because processors don’t want to take on the liability for their charges in the event of fraudulent transactions.  While it’s true that bad charges can hurt a processor’s standing, that doesn’t mean measures can’t be taken to help merchants in need.  Firearms companies, nutritional supplements businesses, Vape businesses, and adult industry companies have been hampered by a lack of solid merchant account support.  Some companies in these industries can’t open an account anywhere, and not being able to accept credit cards can really hurt a business’ bottom line.

Why should you rely on us to service your “high risk” merchant account?

We have established strategic partnerships with some of the best banks in order to bring merchant services to businesses deemed high risk.  That means we’ll board your account and you’ll never have to worry about a lapse of service or extraneous fees; what you see is what you get.  As well, we provide our high risk merchants with a library of credit card processing integration designed to make life easier around the office.  Our integrated solutions designed for various ERP/Accounting software can go above and beyond what a simple merchant account can do for you.

Do you qualify for a high risk merchant account with Century Business Solutions?

Century proudly offers the following services to business categorized as “high risk” by credit card processors:

firearms merchant account: Firearms and gun parts, ammunition, and peripherals distributors and manufacturers

Pharmacy nutritional supplements merchant services for shops, wholesalers and manufacturers

Adult merchant account: adult and toy retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Vape merchant account: e-cig merchant account, vape shops, distributors, and manufacturers.

Century’s software integration

We give our high risk merchant account clients an added advantage, a credit card processing integration to their accounting system of choice.  You can now process credit cards within your accounting systems or ERP software:

Not every processor can do this–but, we can.

QuickBooks Payments (formerly Intuit Payment Solutions), Sage Payment Solutions, and Square can no longer accept payments from non-retail firearms dealers, pharmaceuticals & supplements companies, adult novelty companies, and others who have a high risk merchant account.  Have you experienced this?  In today’s fast-paced business world, you can’t afford to be left behind without accepting credit cards.  Contact us now using the sidebar on your right and we’ll show you what we can do for you.

Get the Vape Shop processing Package

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