Lowest Payment Processing Fees for B2B


Looking for the lowest payment processing fees for B2B? We specialize in securing the lowest credit card processing rates for B2B companies.

In this article, we’ll explain why credit card processing fees are so high for B2B companies. Then we’ll show you how our unique payment integration technologies secure lower processing fees for merchants.

Why are B2B credit card fees so high?

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, you’ve probably encountered costly fees for accepting credit cards. Your credit card processing statement might feel like a smorgasbord of various fees, and one fee is particularly inflated for B2B companies—your interchange rates. B2B companies are hit with high interchange rates for two reasons:

1. You handle card not present transactions

B2B transactions are typically not conducted in person, unlike retail transactions. Instead, clients often place orders remotely—for instance, online or through phone or mail. These transactions are categorized as card not present because the seller never handles the actual physical credit card. There is a higher risk of fraud associated with card not present transactions, resulting in higher fees to make up for potential financial loss.

2. Your customers frequently use corporate credit cards

The second factor that contributes to higher credit card processing fees in the B2B space is the frequent use of corporate credit cards. Corporate cards have high spending limits, which means that more damage can be done in cases of credit card fraud. Additionally, corporate cards offer extensive rewards programs to users. Credit card companies increase processing fees for corporate cards to help cover these expenses.

How we cut the costs of B2B payment processing

If steep monthly statements have you ready to stop accepting credit cards altogether, don’t worry—there’s still hope.

Interchange rates are set by the credit card companies, and are considered impossible to adjust by most credit card processing companies. These processors must cut into their own profits to offer you a substantial rate reduction.

We take a different approach to credit card processing. Through the development of payment integration software, we’ve addressed the main issues that raise interchange rates for B2B companies. We’re able to better guarantee the security of your transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and lowering your interchange rates.

Three more reasons to work with us

We’re passionate about a lot more than just saving you money—here are the top three reasons to sign up with us:

1. Seamless payment integrations to your ERP/accounting software

Our payment integration software, EBizCharge, streamlines your method of accepting payments, saving you time every instance you run a credit card. EBizCharge allows you to process credit cards directly in your ERP/accounting software and automatically updates invoices and your AR and GL.

2. 24/7 in-house support

Payment processing is important enough to warrant high-quality customer support. Our support team is in-house and available 24/7 to help you if something goes wrong. Click here to read customer reviews of our hardworking support staff.

3. No contract

Contracts are for credit card processors who can’t guarantee outstanding service to their customers. We don’t count ourselves as one of those processors, which is why we work with our customers on a no-contract basis.

Our goal is to provide you with fair rates and quality service. If we fail to do so, you’re free to find better rates and service—though we’re confident you’ll be happy with us.


There are only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and credit card processing fees. But we’ve worked hard to lighten the burden of these fees for our customers. Through our unique payment integration software, we’re able to address the issues that commonly result in higher processing fees for B2B companies, passing a savings of up to 43% to our customers.

Our technology will streamline how you accept credit cards and save you time that would otherwise be spent on double data entry and grueling accounting tasks. You’ll also have access to our 24/7 in-house customer support team.

Best of all? We won’t lock you in with a contract. Try our services. If you’re less than satisfied, you’re free to look elsewhere for better service.

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