The Basics of Credit Card Processing

Merchant services (or payment processing) is all too often a subject of disdain, a necessary evil at best, and frankly, a topic shrouded in some degree of mystery. As a company, Century Business Solutions was conceived in part to dissolve that negative stigma. We strive to not only develop innovative processing solutions, but also to educate on the technical intricacies and concepts within the merchant processing cycle.

The first step in the processing cycle occurs when information is gathered from a credit card. This either happens automatically with a terminal (credit card reader) or manually when a card number is keyed into a device manually. The information is then sent instantly to a third-party between a customer and a merchant–a payment processor.  Once a payment processor receives the information from the merchant, the processor automatically authorizes the charge(s) by verifying the associated account exists and has sufficient funding. Pending approval, the card is then charged with the amount specified. The entire process takes only a few seconds. After the charge is approved, the payment processor deposits the money into a special bank account called a merchant account. The money is then later transferred from this merchant account into a bank account, from which the merchant can withdraw the money.

B2B payment processing services

The kind of business you run, and the type of credit cards you accept can have a direct effect on your processing rates. For this reason, B2B payment processing solutions have been developed with a focus on the various types of cards that are used for B2B payment transactions. Most of these B2B cards are considered less secure, and can cost merchants upward of 3%. A few examples of these cards are corporate and government cards.

Century Business Solutions has developed and offers solutions that can significantly increase the security of such transactions, to substantially reduce associated processing costs. This is done through our proprietary payment gateway, and is only provided to merchants that process directly with Century Business Solutions.

All-in-one payment processing company

Unlike many companies that use a third-party to process transactions or promote someone else’s payment gateway, Century Business Solutions offers merchants everything they need under one roof. With Century Business Solutions you can rest assured that your merchant account, your payment gateway, and your software enhancements to process credit cards via your accounting system are all handled by the same company.

Century offers 24/7 complimentary customer service, provided by our in-house client services team in California. No more calling overseas to resolve issues!

About our payment gateway, EBizCharge

Our proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, is a PCI compliant application that can easily mold into the exact processing solution needed for your business. For Century Business Solutions, PCI is only where we start; we then add the latest data encryption and tokenization technology, and store it in our virtual vaults to minimize your risk and increase your customer data security.

EBizCharge can seamlessly integrate with many leading ERP/accounting systems to not only bring your processing costs down, but to also increase your workflow efficiency. We integrate with programs like Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, and CRM; NetSuite; Sage 50; SAP Business One; Sage 500; and more.