Prepare for new EMV regulations with the EBizCharge Gateway

EMV chips will soon be the main security component of most credit cards. Are you be prepared to make the jump to EMV compliance? Our EBizCharge Gateway is designed to accept all types of credit cards including cards equipped with EMV chips, so you never have to worry about noncompliance or not being able to accept a payment. Stay current and enjoy this upgrade from Century Business Solutions.

EBizCharge Gateway

Century Business Solutions’ EBizCharge Gateway lets you accept payments right from the comfort of your desktop. We’ve our payment gateway not only to be PCI and EMV compliant, but it can also secure lower base costs on business and government-type spending cards. EBizCharge Gateway can also:

  • Replace a physical terminal
  • Plug-in to most major shopping carts
  • Act as a standalone gateway
  • Integrate seamlessly with many accounting programs

With the EBizCharge Gateway, merchants can easily access detailed transaction information and other powerful reporting tools 24/7.

Key Features

Century Business Solutions understands what merchants need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Our EBizCharge Gateway has been created to include everything you need and expect from a successful gateway. Some of the exclusive features to the EBizCharge Gateway include:

  • A “details” button which allows merchants to see full details of each transaction
  • The ability to search and view all processed transactions during the lifetime of your account
  • The ability to sort transactions by over 60 different search criteria
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Ability to void transactions and IMMEDIATELY release funds
  • The ability for account administrators to manage multiple logins and limit access to specific pages