Sage Credit Card Processing Solutions

eBizCharge payment gateway: an alternative to Sage Payment Solutions

When you’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a top-notch accounting system that’s tailored to your specific business, everything has to go as planned for your business to thrive the way it should.  Integrated payment processing is a vital part of that business structure – it has to be completely smooth and automated because you don’t have time to waste.

That’s why we provide Sage credit card processing plugin for a full suite of different Sage ERP systems.  This is enhancement to our payment gateway, eBizCharge,  that enables you to process payments within Sage. eBizCharge plugin marks your invoices as paid and balances your general ledger for you, automatically, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.  The systems for which we provide credit card processing include:

The payment processing plugins we provide for these Sage programs are designed to work in any stage of your sales process, whether you prefer to capture credit card information at the Invoice stage, Sales Order stage, or Cash Receipts entry stage.  (Sales stage names vary depending on the ERP system you use.  Please see the software-specific page of your choice for more detailed information about the plugin for your ERP system).

Is eBizCharge for Sage right for your business?

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To answer this question, consider the following scenarios:

  1. Does credit card business make up the majority – or a sizable portion – of your monthly revenue?
  2. Do you or your sales team need to manually input credit card information every time you receive a customer payment?
  3. Do you need to authorize payments or capture payment information at multiple stages of your process – not just the invoicing stage?
  4. Does your credit card volume consist of mostly GSA cards, business-type cards, or corporate cards?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Sage credit card processing could drastically quicken your daily procedures and save valuable capital for your business.

How will using Sage credit card processing benefit your business?

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Century’s credit card processing plugin for Sage ERP can bring merchants unique time-saving and cost-saving benefits:

  • Spending much less time on regular payment processing procedures – up to five minutes saved per invoice in some cases, as the credit card integration marks your invoices as paid and balances your GL for you automatically
  • Far reduced probability of human error by eliminating double entry from your procedures
  • PCI compliant card data-saving features for much easier repeat orders
  • Faster cash flow, as the credit card plugin processes payments inside your Sage ERP system at the click of a mouse, not at the end of the day
  • Far less money spent on accepting GSA cards and business-type credit cards, as the plugin is designed especially to pass the required information to obtain lower interchange costs for those specific types of payment cards

What makes our payment gateway plugin different from other Sage credit card processing solutions?

The solution Century provides is not a third party plugin; in fact, it’s native to your Sage ERP system, running invisibly in the background.  The software is completely PCI compliant, which means your customer data is always stored offsite, never on your own servers.  Plugins for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP from versions 5.0 and beyond utilize tokenization, which means your customers’ credit card data is replaced by unusable tokens, making it the most advanced and secure solution yet.

The Sage credit card processing module that Century provides is also designed specifically to obtain lower interchange costs on business-type credit cards, corporate credit cards, and government purchasing (GSA) cards – all automatically, with no extra data entry.  Furthermore, Century offers all related training, support, installation (and re-installation), troubleshooting, debugging, and any other support you can think of completely free of charge.  There has never been a cheaper way to accept the most expensive kinds of credit cards than with this solution.

And, what makes it the same?

The payment module we provide was designed merchants’ needs you in mind.  If you’re already familiar with Sage credit card processing by Sage Payment Solutions, you’ll be happy to know the solution we provide looks and functions exactly the same way as the Sage Payment Solutions virtual terminal and the Sage payment gateway you’re used to.  That means you’ll never have to retrain your staff or advise them of new procedures if you plan on making the switch – everything about your process can stay exactly the same.  And, because the processing plugin runs native inside your Sage program of choice, you won’t be subjected to month-long delays or any interruptions in service.  Installing the credit card plugin only takes about fifteen minutes – and then, you’re free to run a transaction.

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Get started today with an all-encompassing payment processing solution made especially for Sage accounting systems

  • Complimentary installations, training, and 24/7 local support over the life of your account – no hidden fees
  • Complete PCI compliance and SSL encryption for all transactions; tokenization for Sage 100 and Sage 500 version 5.0 and above
  • Ability to store payment card information securely and apply multiple credit cards to an invoice if needed
  • An array of pre-populated and customizable reporting and searching options in our eBizCharge gateway
  • Client Line service, which allows for simple viewing of your daily credit card qualifications and pricing
  • Ability to set admin rights and manage multiple users and permission levels within your system
  • A dedicated chargeback management team that will notify you by phone and email and advise you of your best course of action when a chargeback is submitted against you
  • Flat rate pricing options available
  • Next day funding options are available

Once again, we understand your business has an array of moving parts, all in need of special supervision.  That’s why we provide a credit card processing solution, just like Sage Payment Solutions, that streamlines and automates every part of your payment acceptance process, from invoice to report.  Support, training, and all maintenance are all handled by us, so you’ll only have one point of contact for all things processing and gateway-related.  Get started with a demo of the Sage credit card processing module of your choice by using one of the contact buttons to your right.