What is

eBIZ Connect?

What is eBIZ Connect?

Invoicing is a tedious, time-consuming process—it can be a nightmare of late payments, lost invoices, and an endless game of phone tag.

There’s a way to free yourself from the chaos: online invoicing.

Online invoicing software simplifies your business and improves overall workflow.

There’s a popular online invoicing portal that many merchants incorrectly refer to as eBIZ Connect. However, the correct name for this software is EBizCharge Connect.

EBizCharge Connect is an online invoicing portal that allows merchants to upload invoices to a secure web-based portal. Customers can log in online and make full or partial payments on invoices at their convenience. EBizCharge Connect gives customers the freedom to pay by credit card, debit card, or ACH check.

EBizCharge Connect integrates seamlessly with leading accounting and ERP programs, including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, QuickBooks, SAP Business One, NetSuite, Acumatica, Epicor, and Macola. Payments are automatically posted to accounts receivable and general ledger, and invoices are marked as paid when transactions are approved, eliminating the need to manually enter payment information into accounting software.

You can even set up automatic payment reminders—emails sent to customers reminding them to pay—so you don’t have to manually contact clients.

EBizCharge Connect can be easily tailored to your brand—including logo and colors—so your customers have a cohesive experience with your business.

Is EBizCharge Connect secure?

EBizCharge Connect uses three important security features to protect customers’ payment information. First, tokenization replaces sensitive credit card data with unique, random “tokens” of information. Compared with encrypted data, tokenized data is less likely to be decoded or unscrambled by hackers. Second, EBizCharge Connect uses a PCI-compliant payment gateway to help your business stay compliant with the mandatory regulations set by the PCI Security Standard Council. Third, off-site data storage means your credit card data is saved on remote, PCI-compliant servers instead of your own to lower your liability in the event of a data breach.


While some merchants wrongly refer to this popular online invoicing software as eBIZ Connect, the correct name is EBizCharge Connect.

With EBizCharge Connect, there’s no time spent contacting clients or arranging times for payment. EBizCharge Connect removes the burden of collections from you and makes it easy and convenient for customers to pay.

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