On-demand support

Free, in-house, and never outsourced


On-demand support

Free, in-house, and never outsourced

Help when you need it

One point of contact

Chargeback management

No wait times

Around-the-clock support is essential in credit card processing. You can’t afford to spend hours on hold while you wait for support to solve your problem. You need answers, fast.

When you have an irate customer calling you at 1:00 a.m. on a Saturday, demanding to know why their card was charged or why their payment didn’t go through, you want your processor to be available. We offer 24/7, in-house support so that you can reach us at any time. No call centers, no long wait times, and no cheesy hold music—just the answers you need, right when you need them.


Local, in-house team

Our in-house support team in Irvine, California, ensures that merchants reach a live person in the U.S. any time they need help, providing on-demand, comprehensive support. We don’t outsource our support and we don’t isolate our support team—they’re an integral part of how we do business and ensure that every client gets the help they need to keep processing cards and keep doing business.


A single point of contact

We’re the processor, software developer, and payment gateway all in one, which means that you have a single point of contact when you encounter problems with your credit card processing. There’s only one number to call to get the help you need.


Chargeback support

Our chargeback team monitors your transactions, notifies you when a chargeback is filed, and assists you with the chargeback process—such as gathering necessary documents and information and composing rebuttal letters. We can also guide merchants through the PCI compliance self-assessment questionnaire and answer questions associated with PCI compliance.

Current customers can reach support here:

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