Project Description

eCommerce credit card processing solutions

Our eCommerce credit card processing integrations use our retail-certified, PCI-compliant gateway, eBizCharge. eBizCharge plugs in seamlessly to almost any online shopping cart and qualifies credit cards at the lowest possible interchange levels automatically. The eCommerce credit card processing integration is compatible with all major online shopping carts, such as:

Additional benefits of using Century’s eCommerce credit card processing integration:

  • NO long-term contracts
  • You get the lowest base costs on all credit cards automatically
  • Our integrations are completely PCI compliant, so you are never liable in the event of a data breach
  • Our proactive chargeback management team will contact and advise you in the event of a chargeback

Get started today

There are plenty of ways to reduce your costs with one of our eCommerce shopping cart integrations–and all it takes is a simple plugin. Give us a call at (888) 500-7798 and talk to one of our Business Relations Managers about your business–we’ll show you your processing options.