A company of innovators

We pride ourselves on the capability of our team members, our revolutionary products, and what we stand for as a corporation.

About us

We entered the payment industry to provide companies with better merchant processing services. In particular, we believed our customers should have lower rates, better support, and a better overall experience.

In 2004, our company was founded to achieve that vision. In our pursuit of that goal, we began developing new software solutions that drastically improved the ways our customers could accept payments. We called that new software EBizCharge. Since its creation, EBizCharge has grown to integrate into hundreds of existing business systems to help streamline the accounts receivable process.

Today, we have the most comprehensive suite of payment integrations and are one of the last privately owned companies in the industry, which allows us to keep following the simple goal of providing a superior payment system.

We now look forward to the new products we have planned for the future, current product improvements, and the growth we will continue to experience.

Our home in Irvine, CA

Century provides world-class payment solutions from our entirely in-house team in sunny, Southern California. Since 2008, we’ve been enjoying our beautiful Irvine office. We’ve even gone through several office expansions and renovations over the years which have served as milestones for the growth we’ve experienced.

20 Pacifica Floor 14 Irvine, CA 92618

Irvine, CA

Our home in Irvine CA

Our Values

We believe in making a difference inside and out of the office. We strive to grow the wellbeing of our employees and push them to innovate against the norm in everyday life.

1. Seek Growth

Grow in your role, as a team, and as a company.

2. Be Accountable

Own your actions, learn from your mistakes, and celebrate the wins.

3. Play as a Team

Be the kind of player you’d want on your team.

4. Focus on the Customer

Get to know the customer and build the best solutions to help them succeed.

5. Be Pioneers

Create new paths that weren’t there before.