About Century Business Solutions

Our Story

In 2004, Century Business Solutions was founded. We recognized a need for a more straight forward fee structure and saw an opportunity for businesses to benefit from simpler payment processes. Fully understanding the trends and opportunities in the payment processing industry, our solutions were developed to simplify payment acceptance and increase profits.



Our Solutions

We built EBizCharge to meet the needs of today’s merchants. We made it simple to use, but rich in features; effective plug-and-play, yet extensive in its ability to integrate; and completely secure.

Largely due to our own unique cost-reducing credit card processing solutions and our conviction to embrace emerging new technologies in the industry, we have grown rapidly and consistently in the most recent years. We are committed to understanding our merchants’ needs and providing them with solutions that offer the greatest time and monetary savings.

Our People

Our people make us different. We are passionate about providing measurable results and introducing our clients with truly tailored solutions that make an impact on their business.

In order to ensure that our solutions are always up-to-date and aligned with industry standards, our very own in-house development team is constantly re-evaluating and updating our software integrations.

Our Values

Integrity, Quality and Customer Service are the core values that drive everything we do.

We offer our products and services with No Contracts because we are confident that we bring our customers the highest quality of service, the best solutions, and an unrivaled level of support in the industry. In this regard, we believe our 97% client retention rate speaks for itself.

We understand that putting your business first is integral to our own success. Our 24-hour Customer Support Team, Relationship Managers, and other attentive staff members all exemplify this commitment.