Accept QuickBooks ACH Payments

Looking for a way to incorporate QuickBooks ACH payments into your business flow? In this article, we’ll discuss one cost-effective method of accepting ACH payments within QuickBooks.

The biggest reasons to accept ACH payments are cost savings and time savings. ACH transaction fees are usually a fraction of the cost of credit card transaction fees. In addition, they take less time to process than paper checks, and eliminate the time the merchant must spend depositing checks. Overall, they are an efficient and expensive way of accepting payments.

How to Process ACH Payments Within QuickBooks:

ACH payments are typically processed in a virtual terminal, a separate webpage that allows you to enter in customer payment information and approves transactions. Navigating between QuickBooks and a virtual terminal is a time-consuming process that involves tedious double data entry.

The solution? An integrated payment application. EBizCharge is a payment application that syncs QuickBooks with the virtual terminal, allowing you to accept ACH payments directly within QuickBooks. Process ACH, credit, and debit transactions quickly without ever leaving QuickBooks. EBizCharge also marks customer invoices as paid and balances the Accounts Receivable and General Ledger automatically.

  • Process ACH, credit, and debit within QuickBooks

  • Posts payments to AR and GL automatically

  • Marks invoices as paid automatically

  • Save multiple credit cards per customer

  • Offsite storage of customer payment information

  • Lifetime of in-house customer support

Reduced Processing Costs:

EBizCharge qualifies cards at the lowest interchange rates, saving you money in processing fees. This makes EBizCharge a cost-effective alternative to QuickBooks Payments.


The application’s multi-layered approach to security includes both tokenization and encryption. Sensitive payment information is secured off-site in our secure EBizCharge vault, eliminating liability on your end. EBizCharge is PCI compliant, and includes comprehensive fraud prevention modules.


Processing payments with EBizCharge is accompanied by a lifetime of free in-house support services. These services include complementary access to our chargeback management team. Our customers enjoy almost no wait times on the phone when they call and 24/7 access to the support team in case of emergency.

Powerful Payment Gateway:

The EBizCharge gateway is feature-rich and easy to use. Search an unlimited batch history using over 45 search criteria. Customize batch reports exactly how you’d like, and print, email, or export them to a number of programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel. The cloud-based gateway allows for unlimited users and permission levels, and is compatible with major online shopping carts.

Online Customer Payment Portal:

EBizCharge Connect is a customer payment portal that allows you to upload invoices online, so that your customers can pay them at their own convenience. Connect eliminates the need for you to coordinate times with customers to settle outstanding invoices.


EBizCharge is the cost-effective, native QuickBooks integration that allows you to accept ACH, credit, and debit transactions within the software. If you’re looking for a way to easily accepts QuickBooks ACH payments, EBizCharge may be the perfect fit. Contact us today for a free demo.

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