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Simple and Affordable Salesforce Payment Processing

EBizCharge is the most robust integrated payment application for Salesforce. Lightning ready and natively built for Salesforce, EBizCharge allows users to seamlessly accept payments directly in Salesforce. If you’re looking for an alternative to Chargent, switch to EBizCharge for simple and affordable Salesforce payment processing.

Benefits of processing payments in Salesforce

Increased sales and better cash flow
Accepting payments in Salesforce speeds up the sales pipeline by giving salespeople access to payment processing directly in the software they use every day. Salespeople will have the ability to capture payments without contacting the accounting department, significantly cutting down on wait time for purchases and unnecessary back and forth. When salespeople can instantly run payments, they’ll increase sales volume and improve cash flow for the business.

Holistic view of customers
Integrating payments with Salesforce gives salespeople a fuller picture of their customers. When they have access to payment data—for example, purchase history and buying behavior—salespeople will have a better idea of how to approach sales. They’ll also be able to view and manage payment and customer data in one place, giving them a centralized hub for a more cohesive view of each customer.

Easily accept and manage payments in Salesforce

Salespeople can use both the EBizCharge component and the application to manage and accept payments in Salesforce. The component is a widget that can be added to any order, account, opportunity, or contact in Salesforce, instantly enabling payments on a variety of different screens in users’ workflows.

From the small but mighty EBizCharge component, users can process payments, send email payment requests, schedule recurring payments, and securely request payment methods.

Capture one-time or recurring payments instantly
The EBizCharge component allows users to easily manage and run payments on the fly. For example, if a salesperson has a customer on the phone, they can simply run a one-time payment right then and there or set up the customer on a recurring billing schedule. EBizCharge increases sales by allowing salespeople to directly handle credit card payments instead of relying on the accounting department.

Automate the collections process
To speed up payment collections, salespeople can send email payment links directly to customers. Rather than paying over the phone, the customer clicks a link in their email inbox and pays through a secure online form. This process gives customers a secure and simple payment method they can use at their convenience.

Securely update customer credit card information
The request payment method option allows users to securely add or update customer credit cards. Users send an email request to customers, and customers enter their new or updated information into a secure online form. The information then automatically updates in Salesforce, and the sensitive information is encrypted and tokenized, meaning that the card numbers are not stored in Salesforce. The user never has direct access to the sensitive card information, but still benefits from the convenience of saved cards. This method reduces the user’s liability and the chance of fraud.

If users want a centralized place to manage payments, they can use the EBizCharge application, which lives with the rest of a user’s apps in Salesforce. From the application, users have a global view of payments. They can perform the same tasks as the component plus a whole lot more, including managing recurring billing schedules, displaying transaction history, and syncing payments with mobile pay.

Connect your CRM with your accounting software

EBizCharge connects Salesforce with your accounting software, pushing and pulling payment data between the two systems, giving you complete control and visibility over all your payments. If you run a payment in Salesforce, EBizCharge automatically syncs it back to your accounting software or ERP and updates the balance due. This level of automation means your team won’t be bogged down in data entry or reconciliation. From beginning to end, the process is seamless and automatic, giving your team more time to focus on what really matters: connecting with customers and making sales.

Get paid faster with convenient payment collection tools

EBizCharge provides tools that automate payment collections and allow users to spend less time following up with customers.

Email pay
Mentioned above, email pay allows customers to pay off invoices through email payment links. From the customer’s perspective, email pay is a quick and convenient method to pay outstanding amounts. From the salesperson’s perspective, email pay is a powerful tool for speeding up collections. Instead of calling in to make a payment, customers can pay on their own time.

Customer payment portal
If your business has customers on terms, you can take advantage of the customer payment portal, which allows your customers to view, manage, and pay invoices through a secure online portal. The portal empowers both your salespeople and your customers by giving customers a simple way to handle their own payments. Your team doesn’t have to spend time following up with customers or asking them to pay over the phone; you can even set up automatic payment reminders to notify customers when payments are upcoming or due. Any payments made in the portal sync back to Salesforce, so there’s no double data entry or back and forth. Streamline your payment collections and get paid faster with a customer payment portal.

Affordable Salesforce payment processing

EBizCharge for Salesforce supports level 3 payment processing, which significantly lowers the costs your business pays to process payments without any additional work.

Level 3 processing automatically passes line-item details through the point of sale. These line-item details provide additional information that validate the transaction and decrease the likelihood that it’s fraudulent. Due to this decreased risk, the transaction costs less to process, and over time, the savings from each individual transaction lead to significant cost reduction.


EBizCharge offers businesses the best option for Salesforce payment processing. With powerful features like payment collection tools, recurring billing, accounting software integration, and more, EBizCharge empowers salespeople and businesses to streamline payment acceptance, increase sales, and boost cash flow. To learn more, fill out the form on this page and our team will be in touch to show you how EBizCharge can help your business.

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