EBizCharge: The Cost-Saving Alternative to Intuit and QuickBooks

The QuickBooks (formerly Intuit) platform offers a reliable accounting platform and credit card processing service to its users. However, there is a cost-effective alternative to Intuit offered by Century Business Solutions that can further enhance productivity, often with significant cost-saving results called EBizCharge.

EBizCharge integrates directly within the QuickBooks software and automatically posts payments to invoices, eliminating duplicate data entries. EBizCharge also provides numerous features not currently offered by the QuickBooks suite.

Key features of the EBizCharge credit card processing integration:

  • Posts payments automatically in Accounts Receivable (A/R) and the General Ledger (G/L)
  • Marks invoices as “PAID” upon transaction approval
  • Emails invoices to customers for immediate payment. Once paid, the payments are posted
  • Stores customer card information off-site, on a Secure PCI compliant server
  • Easily integrates with many ERP/ Accounting platforms
  • Can obtain the lowest costs on business and corporate cards for qualifying merchants

Each EBizCharge client enjoys flat rate pricing, complimentary in-house customer support, and benefits from award winning payment processing applications tailored specifically to each client’s B2B / B2C business needs.

For merchants that generate any of their monthly revenue from credit cards, the QuickBooks integrated solution, EBizCharge, provides a drastic reduction in payment processing time, helps eliminate human entry errors, and improves accounting workflow by processing payments directly within QuickBooks.



Another major benefit is Century Business Solutions’ all-under-one-roof corporate structure. By having chargeback management teams, 24/7 US based tech support, and the entire software development team onsite in California, Century Business Solutions can provide an early warning of fraudulent activities and offer faster chargeback mitigation than many of its competitors.


For many merchants, the QuickBooks platform is the foundation of their daily business operations. Still, it does not mean that the functionality users have come to expect from QuickBooks, cannot be further enhanced with the latest payment alternative to Intuit offered by Century Business Solutions.