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January 13, 2015 – Press Release

Century Business Solutions Acquires PCI Charge, a Microsoft Dynamics Payment Gateway


Technology-based merchant services provider Century Business Solutions has added another ERP system to its arsenal of programs to which it can integrate—a list that already includes QuickBooks, a suite of Sage programs, and NetSuite, among others.  Century, a leader in developing and providing integrated credit card payment solutions, has formed a partnership with ExpandIT Solutions, designer of a Microsoft NAV enhancement that lets users accept and monitor credit card payments within the NAV program.

In partnering with ExpandIT, Century gained the rights to ExpandIT’s credit card processing module, PCI Charge; in doing so, Century hopes to positively impact NAV users by providing them an instantly more affordable and more easily usable credit card payment module.  PCI Charge, which will be rebranded as eBizCharge, will come equipped with all the same features of PCI Charge before the rebranding, but with enhanced reporting and searching tools for easier reconciliation and auditing.  As well, the new eBizCharge module will be able to obtain lower base costs on business-type credit cards and government purchasing cards—invaluable for NAV clients, whose own clients typically consist solely of other businesses.

In addition to providing lower processing costs to current PCI Charge users, Century hopes to shift ExpandIT’s entire user base more towards credit card acceptance by offering eBizCharge at no additional cost, along with a complimentary support and maintenance package.  “This is designed to open more businesses to the idea of accepting credit card payments inside NAV.  That way, they not only broaden their client bases, but they see just how easy a credit card processing module can make their cash flow management,” says Scott King, VP of Sales at Century Business Solutions.  Indeed, as NAV boasts a user base of over 102,000 companies across the world and a growth percentage of 8.5% this past year, the ExpandIT/Century partnership should affect not only current businesses but future NAV users as well.

The chief difference between eBizCharge and other processing modules, however, isn’t its price—it’s the tokenization technology it utilizes to protect customer credit card data.  Tokenization in data security refers to the process of substituting entire credit card numbers for tokens inside of an ultra-secure virtual vault; the tokens can then be used as reliable substitutes for the corresponding card numbers and are unusable by fraudsters in the event of a data breach.  Tokenization technology applied to credit card numbers can mean a significant reduction in fraud with no additional work or upkeep on the part of the user.  “With data security breaches and other fraudulent activity dominating headlines, we’re very excited to offer our customers a product that will protect significantly against that very thing,” says Steve Quattry, President of ExpandIT Solutions US.

About Century:

Century Business Solutions is a technology-based merchant services provider that develops integrated payment processing solutions for major ERP/CRM and Accounting systems.  Located in Irvine, CA, the company has served 6000+ merchants in the U.S. and Canada for nearly a decade.



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