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May 8, 2017 – Press Release

Century Business Solutions Releases Payment Application EBizCharge for SAP B1 HANA


Century Business Solutions, a technology-based merchant services provider based out of Irvine, California, is announcing its release of EBizCharge for SAP B1 HANA.

“EBizCharge for SAP B1 HANA seeks to provide business owners with a native and certified payment application interface for SAP B1 HANA,” said Century’s VP of Sales Scott McEwing. “We are excited about the opportunity and share the same vision as SAP in bringing enhancements to end users that help simplify their daily operations.”

EBizCharge for SAP B1 HANA is a payment application that will allow users to process credit, debit, and ACH payments directly within the popular accounting software. By eliminating the need to access a virtual terminal outside of SAP B1 HANA, EBizCharge reduces double data entry. The application marks invoices as paid and updates the A/R and G/L automatically, further streamlining payment processing. EBizCharge also offers HANA users payment options such as automated recurring billing, an online bill pay portal, and email pay. These options give businesses greater flexibility in how they process payments, saving them and their customers time.

EBizCharge for SAP B1 HANA meets rigorous security requirements set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and utilizes both data encryption and tokenization in its multi-layered approach to security. The application’s use of tokenization in particular ensures that sensitive customer credit card information is moved from the accounting software to EBizCharge’s secure, cloud-based vault. This protects customers and reduces the business’s liability in the case of a data breach.

SAP B1 HANA was created by SAP, a global software company that specializes in ERP and enterprise solutions. Century Business Solutions is an SAP Silver Partner, and its application EBizCharge for SAP B1 is an SAP Certified application.

“With SAP B1 HANA, SAP set out to create a solution that required limited and simplified IT resources,” stated McEwing, a long-time supporter of SAP products. “We share the same vision. Our solution requires limited IT resources to implement so that small businesses can truly streamline their workflow and focus on their core.”

By working with the already seamless foundation of SAP B1 HANA, EBizCharge creates a platform to run credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments with ease.

About Century Business Solutions:
Century Business Solutions is a technology-based merchant services provider that has developed and provided payment processing technology to over 10,000+ merchants in the U.S. and Canada since 2004. Named to First Data’s prestigious President’s Club, Century Business Solutions is proud to be one of the top performing and growing merchant credit card processors on the First Data network. Century develops fully integrated payment processing solutions to over 50+ major ERP/CRM and accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Sage, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, and Acumatica, as well as major online shopping carts, including Magento and WooCommerce.





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