Many customers prefer emailed copies of their receipts and invoices rather than hard copies. Papers get lost, crumpled, and cause clutter. Emails are simple, neat, and won’t give you a paper cut when searching through them.

Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from emailed invoices—businesses do too. Merchants who email invoices to their customers cut down on mailing costs and save time through automation. Customized emails notify customers of upcoming payments and outstanding invoices, so you don’t have to take time out of your day to mail invoices or pester clients over the phone.

If you’re currently processing credit cards, then you may already have email invoices set up. However, if you’re looking to have a Sage 50 email invoice setup that allows customers to pay right from the email, then you’ll need a payment integration that offers email invoices with payment links.

What is a payment link?

Emailing an invoice to your customer is similar to sending them a receipt. They can see what they’re paying for and how much it costs, yet they have no way of making a payment. But what if they did?

Payment links allow customers to pay off their invoices from their email inbox. When clicked, the payment link sends the customer to a secure web form where they can pay outstanding amounts.

Payment link

Payment link

Merchants can email invoices to their customers, but without payment links, they’re just one more step in the lengthy collections process. A digital invoice shouldn’t be as limited as a paper invoice—payment links make digital invoices convenient for you and your customers.

4 benefits of payment links:

  1. Convenient for customers

Remember the “that was easy” button? There’s a reason the iconic red button ended up in so many offices. People like it when things are easy.

Merchants who include payment links in their email invoices supply their customers with a “that was easy” payment solution. Instead of stepping out of a meeting to take your phone call, customers can pull up the email and pay at their leisure.

  1. Less time on the phone

Trying to get someone to answer their phone can be extremely difficult. Everyone has unique schedules and phone calls tend to disrupt people in the middle of their tasks. Payment links don’t do that.

When you send your customers their invoices via email with a payment link included, there’s a good chance they’ll opt to pay online. With one simple link, you’ll effectively reduce the amount of time you spend calling for payments and let your customers get back to their work.

  1. Fewer errors

Did you ever play the game Telephone as a kid? Everyone sits in a circle and whispers a sentence to the person on their right until the sentence makes its way around the circle. By the time it gets back to the person who created the sentence, it’s formed into a completely different phrase.

Well, it might be a fun game as a kid, but when it comes to taking payments over the phone, you don’t want to hear “B” when your customer said “D.” Minor errors can cause major issues down the road.

Payment links decrease the chance of errors by enabling customers to enter their card information themselves.

  1. Accept payments 24/7

Even if your business is closed on holidays or weekends, you can still receive payments when you have Sage 50 email invoices set up with payment links. When an invoice nears its due date, automatic email reminders are sent to your customers with payment links inside. These emails go out even if all the lights in the office are off and you’re sunbathing on a Caribbean cruise.

With payment links, customers are able to make payments straight from the emailed invoice. Payment links make it easy for your customers to pay when they have free time, rather than trying to catch you during business hours.

How to set up Sage 50 email invoices with payment links

Clearly, there are many advantages to payment links, but Sage 50 doesn’t give users the option to include them in emailed invoices. So what should you do?

Use a Sage 50 payment integration that offers a payment link feature. Not all payment integrations provide payment links, so make sure to do some research first.

Payment integrations like EBizCharge offer lower processing rates and better support in addition to advantages like email invoice payment links.

How can EBizCharge help your business?

EBizCharge doesn’t just give you a Sage 50 email invoice setup that includes payment links.

Merchants who use EBizCharge can accept payments directly in Sage 50, have next-day funding options, and receive a simplified statement every month with transparent fees. There’s no contract, no setup fees, and no maintenance fees.

However, as great as all these features are, the biggest differences between EBizCharge and other merchant services providers come down to price and service.

3 benefits of EBizCharge

  1. Low processing costs

EBizCharge pulls line-item details from each transaction to secure lower processing costs for your business. Sage 50 users save an average of 12 to 43% off their current processing fees by using the EBizCharge payment application.

  1. 24/7 in-house customer support

The EBizCharge payment application comes with a 24/7 in-house support team. Speak to a live representative the moment you call. A support team member becomes familiar with your business so you don’t need to deal with strangers when you need help.

  1. Chargeback management team

A unique benefit of processing credit cards through the EBizCharge payment application is that you’re equipped with a chargeback management team. Chargeback management teams notify you when you receive a chargeback and then walk you through the best response process. They’ll submit your response and any necessary documentation. Chargeback teams can save you time and make the process of disputing chargebacks easier.

What to do next:

To have a Sage 50 email invoice setup with payment links and receive all of the other benefits listed above, contact us.

We’ll put together a cost savings proposal and a show you a live demo of how the EBizCharge payment application works. You’ll save time and money, and get the support you deserve.