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Credit Card Processing with Epic Software

processing payments with Epic EMR

The award winning Epic software is known for being fast and physician-friendly. Our integrated payment processing solution for Epic can now make the billing and payment processes easier for the front and back office staff as well. “EBizCharge for Epic” is a simple software solutions that allows hospitals and medical clinics to securely process payments within the program. EBizCharge can update all the necessary accounts and improve your workflow by eliminating double data entry.

How will this benefit your operation?

Century’s integration to EPIC can benefit you in these unique ways. It:

  • reduces the time you spend on payment processing procedures – up to 5 minutes per invoice in some cases
  • reduces possibility of human error by eliminating double entry
  • quickens cash flow, as your transactions are processed inside EPIC immediately, not at the end of the day
  • reduces total costs of processing payments
  • provides fast access to your funds with next-day-funding options.
  • delivers a predictable cost-model with flat-rate-pricing options.

What makes Century’s product different than others?

Unlike most other integrated processing solutions, “EBizCharge for Epic” is all-encompassing and is not a third-party intermediary between EPIC and an outside payment gateway. Century’s own proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, integrates seamlessly into the background of your software, making credit card processing with Epic  software easier. When you log into EBizCharge to check your daily batch, you’ll find that you can easily view transactions in real time and compile pre-populated reports or customize reports with just a few clicks.

Why process with us?

Epic EMR payment processing

As a payment processor with over a decade experience serving businesses in the U.S. and Canada, Century Business Solutions is focused on delivering innovative solutions that can bring efficiency and reduce processing costs. We’re all about your business and your experience with us and as such we offer:

  • No long-term contracts. Let our level of service dictate how long you stay our client.
  • Free installations and support.
  • Unlimited gateway search and reporting tools.
  • Dedicated chargeback management support.
  • In-house development team to help you further customize the solution for your unique business needs.

Running a medical practice and managing patients expectations can be challenging and you want to make sure every tool in your operation is there to only make it easier for you to manage things. “EBizCharge for Epic” is a tried and true solution ready to empower your Epic software with the speed and agility you need to better manage your billing and collection processes. Request a demo today or speak to one of our representatives today by calling 1-888-500-7798.