Customer Invoicing and Bill Pay Portal

for QuickBooks

Searching for an easier way to invoice your customers? You might consider looking for a customer invoicing and bill pay portal for QuickBooks, which would eliminate the need to reconcile your books when a customer pays off an invoice.

Integrate your invoicing portal with QuickBooks

Some customer invoicing portals have the capability to integrate with your accounting software. This integration allows you to upload invoice details to the portal directly from QuickBooks. When a customer pays off an invoice in the portal, the system syncs them back to QuickBooks and automatically updates the AR and GL.

If you think this integration capability would be useful for your company, narrow your search to Intuit QuickBooks developers that specifically offer an invoicing portal that syncs back to QuickBooks.

A better customer experience

As technology has progressed, the way we use technology has changed, too. Customers now expect fast and convenient interactions with businesses, even in the B2B space. They may be willing to do without some of the frills of B2C interactions, but they don’t want companies to waste their time. Coordinating times with a vendor to read credit card information over the phone feels like an outdated process to them.

It is an outdated process, which is why the switch to a customer invoicing and bill pay portal feels so natural to both businesses and customers. An online invoicing portal makes payment collects convenient and efficient.

When you upload an invoice, your customer will be emailed a secure link to the online portal. They can pay down their invoices on their own time, using any smart device.

Using an online invoicing portal is also more secure than relaying credit card information over the phone or email. Sending credit card information through email in particular leaves your customers wide open to fraud. Payment portals have strict security protocols that include high-level encryption and tokenization. You can read more on the basics of payment security here.

Many invoicing portals give you the option to accept partial payments. Features such as automated email reminders and the ability to visually customize your portal allow you to fine-tune the entire experience.

EBizCharge Connect

After researching our customers’ points of frustration during payment collections, we developed EBizCharge Connect, one of the very first integrated online invoicing portals. If you’re interested in seeing a demo of our customer invoicing and bill pay portal for QuickBooks, contact us.

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