How to Lower Your Elavon

Credit Card Processing Fees

Elavon’s credit card processing fees are some of the highest in the industry.

According to CardFellow, Elavon has been known to charge processing fees more than 6% above their actual cost, resulting in thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs for merchants.

Reviews on Yelp also note several complaints of hidden fees, unexpected charges, and unwanted contract renewals.

Another major issue is Elavon’s poor customer service.

As stated about Elavon by a reviewer on “Easily the worst customer service. You cannot reach them or you are on hold for hours. As soon as I can get set up with another processor I am gone.”

While credit card processing fees are unavoidable, you can still reduce these fees and save your business money with the proper payment solution, such as EBizCharge.

Save money with EBizCharge

Elavon credit card processing fees are based on a tiered pricing structure, which is the most expensive and least flexible option for merchants.

Tiered pricing allows Elavon to bundle hundreds of different types of transactions into different tiers and charge the merchant a fixed amount for a transaction in that tier, regardless of their underlying cost.

The problem with tiered pricing is that it’s nearly impossible to see how much markup you’re actually being charged on a transaction, resulting in high processing rates and excessive transaction fees.

Century Business Solutions uses Level 3 pricing to lower your credit card processing fees and guarantee a cost savings of up to 43%.

Our PCI compliant payment gateway, EBizCharge, is an all-in-one solution that integrates with your ERP/accounting software to provide significantly discounted processing rates.

Integrate your payments

EBizCharge is a simple and secure PCI compliant payment gateway that plugs in to your ERP/accounting software, allowing you to process payments directly within your existing system.

Our affordable payment solution automates the payment process and streamlines your workflow.

EBizCharge lets you access unlimited transaction history, generate customizable reports, and gives you the freedom to accept credit, debit, and ACH payments directly inside your existing accounting software.

The EBizCharge payment gateway is designed to streamline the accounting process and make accepting payments as easy as possible.

Reduce credit card processing fees with Level 3 pricing

Businesses that accept purchasing cards, corporate cards, or government spending accounts can get Level 3 pricing to lower their credit card processing costs.

To get Level 3 pricing, there are nearly 20 fields of line-item details that must be sent along with each transaction. These details include invoice numbers, PO numbers, item commodity codes, freight amounts, units of measure, and many others. Collecting and entering this data can be a difficult and time-consuming process, as most accounting systems require businesses to enter these line-item details manually.

With EBizCharge, line-item details and invoice information already stored in your system are automatically sent to our proprietary payment gateway.

EBizCharge uses this information to qualify your cards at the lowest possible interchange rates and reduce your Elavon credit card processing fees.

Processing with a merchant services provider that doesn’t offer Level 3 pricing can increase your rates by as much as 1.5% per transaction.

With EBizCharge, you can lower your credit card processing costs without having to do any additional work.

Get 24/7 customer support

Elavon has over 400 complaints on and a 1-star rating on Yelp, primarily regarding poor customer service and unexpected fees. Many merchants complain they have trouble reaching Elavon and difficultly resolving support issues.

Century Business Solutions provides free, 24/7 customer support to all merchants and has a 5-star rating on and Capterra.

With EBizCharge, there are no call centers and no long wait times. We have in-house support representatives ready to help you around the clock, so you can get the support you need exactly when you need it.

In addition, our payment solutions are developed and maintained by in-house software developers to provide you with the most up-to-date integrations available.

Century Business Solutions does not charge early termination fees and requires $0 setup fees, $0 upgrade fees, and $0 maintenance fees.

Secure your sensitive data

Without proper credit card security, a data breach could potentially destroy your business.

In fact, the average data breach can cost a business nearly $4 million in losses, according to IBM Security.

The EBizCharge payment gateway provides several layers of protective armor to safeguard your data and shield against a potential breach.

In order to provide the highest level of protection, EBizCharge uses advanced data encryption and tokenization technology to secure sensitive credit card data.

Tokenization technology replaces credit card information with a unique token so the original credit card data is no longer used for future transactions. Tokenization makes it impossible to hack or decipher your credit card data. This method prevents card information from being stored in its original format, drastically reducing legal and financial liabilities for your business. Tokenization ensures that all of your sensitive information is securely protected at all times.

EBizCharge uses a cloud-based payment gateway to house sensitive credit card information on offsite PCI compliant servers for maximum security.

In addition, EBizCharge is fully PCI compliant to help protect your business.

Lower your Elavon credit card processing fees now

The EBizCharge PCI compliant payment gateway is designed to reduce your Elavon credit card processing fees by using Level 3 pricing to qualify your cards at the lowest possible interchange rates.

EBizCharge integrates with your ERP/accounting software, allowing you to process payments directly within your existing system.

With EBizCharge, there are no hidden fees and no surprise charges.

Our payment solution is backed by free, 24/7 customer support so you can get the help you need at all times.

Contact us for a free quote and lower your Elavon credit card processing fees today.

Lower your Elavon credit card processing fees

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