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Accepting credit cards in the office doesn’t have to be a burden–we can help

Healthcare practitioners’ offices are often plagued by inefficient credit card acceptance procedures. If you work in a doctor’s office or hospital and don’t have a billing software integration, you probably spend a good portion of the end of your day matching batch slips to invoice numbers and doing a good number of double-entries. And, let’s not even think about when it comes time to compile reports…

With this in mind, Century Business Solutions has developed a virtual terminal, EBizCharge, that streamlines healthcare credit card processing procedures substantially. EBizCharge can accept payments for in-person and remote payments, compiling everything in a format that’s perfect for custom reporting. The virtual terminal allows for emailing receipts and searching past transactions from over 45 different criteria over the entire life of your account. And, for supreme convenience, you never have to rely on a credit card terminal again–you can accept payments from any computer with an internet connection.

Additional benefits of Century’s healthcare credit card processing:

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