hotel credit card processing


Hotel credit card processing just got simpler

If you’re using a physical terminal to accept your credit cards, you’re probably used to a host of problems—matching payments to paper invoices at the end of the day, stapling them together, and making sure the numbers in your hospitality management system match up. It takes a lot of time, and Century Business Solutions has developed a virtual credit card terminal that makes your acceptance procedures much easier.

Enter EBizCharge, our house-developed payment gateway. EBizCharge tracks every transaction on our PCI-compliant server so you can view your batch in real time, sort the batch by workstation, email receipts automatically, and generate reports with the click (or two) of a mouse.

What’s more, we’ve developed EBizCharge to automatically obtain the best possible base costs for business-type credit cards, so if you take care of businesspeople at your establishment, you can save even more money on your processing fees. Let us give you the tour of EBizCharge!

Additional benefits of Century’s hotel credit card processing:

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