Lowest Payment Processing Fees for MAS 200 ERP

Century Business Solutions offers Level 3 payment processing to help achieve the lowest payment processing fees for MAS 200 ERP software.

Many payment processors use tiered pricing models which can increase fees by 1% or more per transaction. Over time, these high rates can add up to thousands of dollars in excess fees for your business.

Century Business Solutions implements Level 3 payment processing, flat rate pricing and interchange-plus to drastically reduce fees and guarantee the lowest possible rates for each transaction.

In addition, Century Business Solutions offers EBizCharge, an integrated payment gateway that reduces human errors and eliminates double data entry to provide a simple payment processing option for your business.

EBizCharge Integrated Payment Gateway

EBizCharge is a feature rich payment gateway designed to decrease processing fees and increase operational efficiency. Our integrated payment gateway plugs-in to your ERP, allowing you to run payments directly within your MAS 200 software.

EBizCharge uses Tokenization and Encryption technologies to adhere to all PCI compliance guidelines and provide your business with enhanced data security and convenient payment acceptance for all transactions.

Allow Your Customers to Pay Any Bill Online

EBizCharge comes with EBizCharge Connect, a complimentary online customer payment portal that allows your customers to view outstanding invoice amounts and process payments online.

With EBizCharge Connect, your customers can make full or partial payments on single or multiple invoices. Customers simply login, review their invoices, and submit payments securely and remotely from anywhere.

Reduce Processing Fees

Level 3 Payment Processing

EBizCharge implements Level 3 payment processing to reduce fees for your business. In order to receive Level 3, businesses must accept either purchasing cards, corporate cards or government spending accounts.

To achieve Level 3, there are nearly twenty fields of line-item detail that must be sent along with each transaction. These payments require details such as invoice number, PO number, item commodity code, freight amount, unit of measure, and many others.

While most other software interfaces require businesses to enter these details manually, EBizCharge automatically enters specific line-item detail and invoice information stored in your MAS 200 ERP and send it to our proprietary payment gateway. EBizCharge uses this information to qualify your cards at the lowest possible interchange rates and reduce processing fees for your business.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing is ideal for businesses with a high processing volume.

Our flat rate pricing option offers the same low monthly rate for any type of credit card, and makes it easy to see exactly how much you’ll pay in processing fees each month.

With flat rate pricing, you can process credit cards at the same low rate each month without having to pay any additional transaction fees.

Interchange-Plus Pricing

Interchange-plus is the most transparent pricing model. Interchange-plus pricing provides 100% clarity on all processing costs, and is ideal for businesses that process high sales volume and high average ticket amounts.

Interchange-plus pricing provides your business with flexible processing, and the ability to achieve the lowest payment processing fees based on the types of cards you accept.

There are over 350 different types of credit cards, each with its own unique interchange rate. With interchange-plus pricing, interchange rates assigned by card issuing banks are passed unchanged directly to your business. Companies can achieve the lowest fees for each transaction on corporate, commercial, business, government and purchasing cards.

Increase Efficiency

Streamline the payment process with these time saving features:

  • Full integration with MAS 200 ERP
  • Credit and debit processing
  • Unlimited transaction history
  • Customizable reporting tools
  • Issue credit & void transactions and release funds immediately
  • Maintain and save multiple credit cards for each customer
  • Tokenization for all credit card data
  • Print and email customer transaction receipts
  • Auto-reconciliation for all batches
  • Automatic posting of payments to Accounts Receivable and General Ledger
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

The MAS 200 ERP integration automatically balances your Accounts Receivable and General Ledger and marks your invoices as paid. EBizCharge integrates with MAS 200 ERP and allows you to run payments directly within your accounting software.

Lower Processing Fees with EBizCharge by Century Business Solutions

EBizCharge has no contracts and no setup fees. Reduce your processing fees with our interchange-plus or flat rate pricing, along with Level 3 payment processing. We also provide FREE 24/7 in-house support and an in-house development team to ensure efficient and up-to-date software integrations.

Contact us today to achieve the lowest payment processing fees for your MAS 200 ERP software.

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