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June 2020

Tokenization vs. Encryption

2020-06-04T11:31:23-07:00Payment Security, PCI Compliance, Uncategorized|

If your business accepts credit card payments, you need to maintain proper payment security—no matter how small your transaction volume is. Despite the threat of fraud, small businesses often make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to worry about data security because they [...]

Top 4 Benefits of Sage Mobile Payments

2020-06-04T11:16:09-07:00Mobile Payments, Payment Security, PCI Compliance|

Is your business mobile-friendly? No one wants to lose customers because they can’t accept mobile credit card payments. Help your business grow with Sage mobile payments, a payment solution that lets you manage payments and get paid on the go. To get started, look [...]

May 2020

How to Limit Unnecessary Chargebacks During Covid-19


It is an understatement to say that companies have been severely impacted by Covid-19. Fluctuations in demand, labor, and inventory have resulted in slower order fulfillment. And government-mandated lockdowns have made it downright impossible to fulfill some orders, including events, classes, and experiences. Issues [...]

March 2020

Epicor Credit Card Processing for Merchants in Canada

2020-03-09T12:09:52-07:00Integrated Payments|

Epicor is an ERP provider with an eye on the future, committed to creating flexible, scalable software that fits clients’ current needs and anticipates their growth and expansion. The Epicor platform enhances financial and operational productivity and is remarkably scalable to fit businesses of [...]

December 2019

Get Work Done and Have Fun Too: Productivity during the Holiday Season

2019-12-17T13:14:42-08:00Business Tips|

If you Google “productivity during the holidays,” your results page will flood with a mixed bag of results ranging from “9 Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity during the Holiday Season” to “‘Tis the Season to Goof Off at Work and That’s Good for Productivity.” [...]

Ask These 6 Questions to Get the Best Epicor Credit Card Processing

2019-12-10T10:59:20-08:00Integrated Payments|

Epicor is a future-focused ERP provider committed to delivering flexible software that fits clients’ current needs while allowing for growth and expansion. Their focus on these qualities as a company has led to the development of an easy-to-use ERP platform that promotes collaboration, automation, [...]

Boost Productivity with Business Process Automation

2019-12-10T09:55:58-08:00Business Tips|

Business process automation is one of the best ways to increase efficiency and boost profitability. With today’s rapidly changing technology, increasing automation is crucial to remaining competitive and keeping your customers satisfied. In fact, companies lose 20-30% of their potential revenue due to poor [...]

Supercharge Productivity with Your Acumatica Payment Integration

2019-12-04T09:54:22-08:00Integrated Payments|

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a business platform with a mission: to empower customers to transform their business. The fastest-growing cloud ERP company with over 5,200 customers worldwide, Acumatica offers a full suite of business management applications backed by an expert support team. These applications [...]