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Verifone Will No Longer Support “PC Charge” or “Payware PC”

PC Charge has reached its end of life.

On April 6th 2015, Verifone announced to their partners that they will halt development, sales, and support of their computer-based credit card processing solutions PC Charge and Payware PC, beginning immediately and concluding in the coming months. The mailer sent by Verifone cites the changing payment and security requirements as some of the reasons for this announcement, as well as their commitment to work on other, more up-to-date payment processing solutions.

PC Charge, a server-based credit card processing middleware, is installed on a company’s local server to process and store credit card information on-site. In the event of a data breach, a server installed with PC Charge would allow hackers to gain access to full credit card numbers stored within the system. Any business using PC Charge whose server is compromised can be held liable for losses caused by use of those credit card numbers. Verifone terminated all future sale and servicing of its solutions as PCI guidelines prohibit the storage of customer’s credit card data on clients’ systems.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

After October 1, if you use PC Charge, you will no longer receive upgrades or support for your product. In addition, your system will remain PCI non-compliant. In the event of a data breach, lack of PCI compliance puts your business at a severe risk against liabilities, and could result in steep fines by the PCI Security Standards Council.

As PC Charge and Payware PC come to an end, current clients will need an alternative to process credit cards.

What Are Your Replacement Options?

Century Business Solutions offers EBizCharge, an alternative to PC Charge discontinued services and proprietary payment gateway that uses Encryption and Tokenization technologies to securely store credit card information off-site in a cloud-based payment gateway. EBizCharge adheres to all PCI Compliance Guidelines, and provides businesses with enhanced data security and convenient payment acceptance.

Our integrated payment gateway is designed to plug-in to your existing ERP/Accounting System, allowing you to run payments directly within your software. EBizCharge reduces human errors, eliminates double data entry, decreases processing costs, and provides a simple payment processing solution for your business. In addition, EBizCharge reduces security risks for businesses that process, store or transmit credit card information.

Features of EBizCharge Integrated Payment Gateway

  • Securely processes all card types via desktops, mobile devices and payment terminals
  • Plugs directly into your existing ERP/Accounting software, including: SAP Business One, QuickBooks, Exact Macola, Sage 100 Standard (MAS 90), Microsoft Dynamics GP, and many others
  • Compatible with Sage ERP (MAS 90, MAS 200) versions 4.05, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3
  • PCI Compliant. Credit card numbers are stored offsite on multiple, secure servers – never on your own server
  • Data Encryption and Tokenization, adding layers of security to your customers’ credit card information
  • Unlimited batch history
  • Customizable reporting tools with 45+ search criteria
  • Mobile app for mobile transactions
  • Next day funding
  • Flat rate processing options
  • FREE 24/7 in-house support and chargeback services

Pay Any Bill Online with EBizCharge Connect

EBizCharge comes with EBizCharge Connect, a complimentary web-based portal that allows your customers to view outstanding invoice amounts and process payments online. EBizCharge Connect automatically applies payments back to your accounting software, and allows your customers to print or email a receipt for their records. Our all-in-one payment integration automates the billing process to create a fast and efficient invoicing solution for your business.

Learn More About the Benefits of EBizCharge

With Verifone end of life, PC Charge and Payware PC software have become obsolete. Now, you’ll need a solution that can support your business’s credit card processing and protect your customer’s sensitive credit card information.

Find out how EBizCharge can help your business now that PC Charge discontinued its services. Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll show you a live demo of our EBizCharge payment gateway as a standalone product or in conjunction with the ERP of your choice.