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MS Dynamics CRM Payment Processing

EBizCharge for Dynamics CRM is a PCI compliant payment processing solution that enables CRM users to accept electronic payments directly within the system.

Our payment processing module is fully integrated with Dynamics CRM, so users do not need to leave the CRM screen in order to pre-authorize or run transactions. Manage payments with ease and create custom reports and more with EBizCharge for Dynamics CRM.

Features/benefits of the Dynamics CRM payment processing integration:

  • Accept all card types, debits, and eChecks
  • Pre-authorize or run transactions
  • Data encryption and tokenization for maximum security
  • Streamline accounting workflow
  • Store multiple credit cards per customer
  • Email receipts
  • Transactions history/log
  • Ability to set user access levels and permissions
  • Reduce double data entry and human errors

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Why Choose Us

      • No long term contracts
      • No setup fees
      • No daily deductions (fees are debited once a month)
      • Unlimited FREE in-house support
      • Next day funding options
      • Flat rate pricing options

Additional Benefits

      • E-invoicing
      • Off-site data storage for maximum security
      • Unlimited transactions history
      • Customizable reporting tools
      • Issue credit & void transactions and release funds immediately
      • Data encryption & tokenization

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How can Dynamics CRM payment application help your business?

Unlike most other processing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Century’s payment processing solution for Dynamics CRM is all-encompassing and is not an intermediary between Dynamics CRM and a 3rd party payment gateway.  Century’s proprietary payment gateway, EBizCharge, integrates seamlessly into Dynamics CRM system to facilitate efficient processing of credit card payments. With EBizCharge as your payment gateway, you can view your daily batch in real time, create custom reports, and issue credit and voids easily.

Century can reduce your total payment processing costs (by as much as 38%) and makes it easy and extremely convenient for you and your accounting team to process credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks within the Dynamics CRM system.

Our integrated payment processing solution for Dynamics CRM functions seamlessly within Dynamics CRM and is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. Integrating payment processing activities into your  system can provide complete transactions visibility, improve your accounting workflows, and greatly reduce double data entry and the risk of human errors.

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