How Superior Gearbox Company Slashed Their Processing Time and Increased Efficiency with EBizCharge

“EBizCharge is easy to use, saves time, and keeps us PCI compliant.”


A few years ago, Superior Gearbox Company was looking to streamline their payment process. Their workflow was inefficient—the process involved running credit cards through an online payment gateway and then posting the payment separately in their ERP. The same data had to be entered two separate times—once in their payment gateway, Payflow Pro, and once in their ERP, Macola—a process that ate up precious time and increased the risk of error.

On top of the lost time, inefficiency, and potential for error, Superior Gearbox Company experienced challenges with their payment gateway. They faced a restrictive charge limit which prevented them from processing payments over a certain dollar amount. They also wanted better security measures to maintain PCI compliance standards and protect their customers’ data.

They knew it was time to find a better solution, and they knew what they were looking for—a way to reduce their processing time, eliminate double data entry, and become PCI compliant. During Exact Evolve, Superior Gearbox Company heard about EBizCharge for Macola. They worked with EBizCharge and Sniperdyne to find a custom solution that best fit the company’s needs.


Superior Gearbox Company adopted EBizCharge for Macola and began automating their payments. EBizCharge integrates seamlessly with Macola, allowing them to accept credit card payments within Macola—no need to go through a separate payment gateway or leave the native environment of the ERP.

After integrating with EBizCharge, Superior Gearbox Company reduced the number of steps in their accounting workflow and cut down their processing time. “The software talks with Macola and automates several steps that we had to do manually before,” an employee said. Rather than entering the same sale into both Payflow Pro and Macola, they simply run the transaction in Macola once and the software automatically posts the payment to the invoice. Double data entry, defeated.

“The software allows us to easily apply credit card payments and preauthorize when entering an order.”


After implementing EBizCharge for Macola and automating their process, Superior Gearbox Company slashed their processing time and became more efficient. Because EBizCharge automatically posts the payment to the invoice, they no longer have to suffer through double data entry. They enter the data into Macola a single time, saving time and lowering their risk of human error. And because of the resulting time savings and reduced credit card processing fees, the company also cut costs.

In addition to greater efficiency and lowered costs, Superior Gearbox Company benefits from EBizCharge’s PCI compliant security features, including encryption and tokenization. These advanced data security measures protect Superior Gearbox Company’s customer data through an off-site, cloud-based data vault, which eliminates the company’s liability in the event of an attack.

EBizCharge for Macola changed how Superior Gearbox Company processes credit cards and empowered them to focus on what truly matters—running their business.

About the company

Since 1975, Superior Gearbox Company has been manufacturing high-quality gear drives for power transmission systems and a number of different off-road industries. They have two Missouri-based locations and two plants where they engineer, machine, and assemble their gear drives, including custom designs.

Solution used by Superior Gearbox Company

EBizCharge for Macola >

  • Integrates with Macola 10, ES, and Progression.
  • Allows you to accept credit card payments directly within Macola.
  • Payments automatically posted to invoices.
  • Supports O-type, I-type, and credit memos.
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