WooCommerce Credit Card Processing Plugin

WooCommerce is the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world.

According to BuiltWith, WooCommerce fuels 41% of all eCommerce sites, powering a total of 1.9 million online stores worldwide. That’s greater than any other platform in existence.

If your business uses WooCommerce to sell its products, then you’ve probably explored countless credit card processing possibilities. But how do you know which WooCommerce credit card processing plugin is best for your business?

EBizCharge provides a PCI compliant payment gateway built specifically for WooCommerce credit card processing that makes managing your online sales simple, secure and affordable. Our EBizCharge payment gateway provides the cheapest online credit card processing for your business.


  • Qualify all types of credit and debit cards including business and government-type cards at the LOWEST interchange rates

  • Send payment requests to customers via email

  • Store customer card information offsite on completely PCI-compliant servers

  • Ability to pre-authorize/capture payments at the WooCommerce shopping cart level and post/settle the payments into a batch within EBizCharge


  • NO installation fees

  • NO software update fees

  • Complete access to our EBizCharge payment gateway

  • Unlimited 24/7 live customer support

  • No outsourcing


The EBizCharge payment gateway is quick and simple. In just about 10 minutes, the WooCommerce credit card processing plugin will be connected with EBizCharge, and you’ll be ready to start accepting credit cards online.

Our plugin gives you the freedom to view all your transactions with our reporting tools and easily view all charges online.

Best of all, your checkout process will remain exactly the same. Returning customers will see the exact same checkout page they’ve always seen.


Is your online store fully protected?

EBizCharge is a PCI compliant payment gateway that uses tokenization and encryption technology to ensure powerful information defense for all sensitive credit card data.

Our advanced tokenization technology replaces credit card information with a unique token that is only decipherable with our integrated payment system. The original credit card data is no longer used for future transaction. Tokenization makes it impossible to hack or decipher your credit card data.

EBizCharge adheres to all PCI specifications set by the Payment Card Industry to reduce security risks for businesses that process or transmit credit card information. Our cloud-based payment gateway houses sensitive credit card information offsite on PCI-compliant servers for maximum transaction security.

With EBizCharge, your business can safely process credit cards with confidence, and rest assured that your information will always remain secure.


The EBizCharge payment gateway is designed to pass more information through the point of sale, which helps qualify your credit cards at the lowest possible interchange rates. In addition, EBizCharge offers flat rate pricing options to help your business achieve reduced rates. Flat rate pricing offers the same low monthly rate for any type of credit card without any additional transaction fees, and makes it easy to see exactly how much you’ll pay in processing fees each month.

Ultimately, you’ll get the cheapest online credit card processing without having to do any additional work.

24/7 Support

Our team of Support Specialists are always standing by, ready to answer your questions about WooCommerce credit card processing.

With EBizCharge, there are no call centers and no long wait times. We have live representatives ready to assist and resolve your WooCommerce inquiries around the clock.

In addition, our WooCommerce credit card processing plugin is developed and maintained by in-house software developers to provide you with the most up-to-date integrations available.

Get WooCommerce Credit Card Processing Today

Our EBizCharge PCI compliant payment gateway is the cheapest option for WooCommerce credit card processing. Our WooCommerce plugin comes with extensive features that help lower processing costs, increase security, and allow you to manage your eCommerce transactions simply and efficiently.

Contact us for a free demo and see how our WooCommerce credit card processing plugin can provide the cheapest online credit card processing for your business today!

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