Testimonials & Client Success stories

“Using Century Business Solutions to process our daily volume of credit card transactions has been a tremendous time-saver. Our data entry errors have been greatly reduced and we are able to process and record customer payments in one step. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to use.”

Kay B., Hotard Coaches Inc.

“For anyone looking to move from using the expensive credit card machines to a great point of sale product, Century is one you need to be looking at.”

Jerry M., BedzzzExpress

“The integration was very seamless. It just took a few minutes… It has all the functions that we need. Customer support is great! You don’t have to call someone in India and sit on hold for 30 min if there is an issue. We are very pleased with it, with the rates, and I have recommended it to other colleagues.”

Richard N., Liver Doctor

“I would recommend EBizCharge for other small businesses. It is very user-friendly. I can easily credit customers, do charges, and find reports. EBizCharge has really great functionality–like when I need to go back further in the history and find a charge from a year ago.”

Elizabeth A., Natural Choice Corporation

“I gained customers; I got referrals because I am able to take their payment anywhere! It has been a blessing just to have EBizCharge. I didn’t realize how much I needed to have a merchant account.”

Alanda B., Maximum Consulting, LLC

“I would definitely recommend it to other people. It’s fast, easy, and reliable! Most of all, I really love our sales representative. He answers my questions very quickly!”

Yanel, Redlands Animal Hospital

“Century was a life saver… they did everything they said they could do and more.”

Jamie L., Consolidated Design West, Inc.

“The software integration has helped Auburn Manufacturing tremendously. We no longer have to store the credit cards. Now, when an order is taken, the software will automatically bring up the customer’s information. One of my favorite things about the software is that when a credit card is preauthorized at billing, all we have to do is finalize the credit card payment and it automatically gets posted to accounts receivable.”

Joy C., Auburn Manufacturing

“Working with Century Business Solutions was such a different experience for me because they really focus on the relationships. In fact, I am so pleased with their service that I was willing to put my reputation on the line and refer my friends.”

Joe C., Joe’s Discount Beverage