Alternative to Stripe

Looking for an affordable alternative to Stripe?

EBizCharge from Century Business Solutions gives you all the benefits of Stripe, but at a fraction of the cost. With powerful features and flexible payment options, EBizCharge provides seamless payment acceptance and painless invoice management.

Whether you accept payments online or in person (or both), you can easily sync them back to your accounting system for automatic reconciliation.

EBizCharge integrates with a variety of eCommerce platforms and ERP systems for easy installation with no development downtime. Feature-rich and user-friendly, EBizCharge reduces the potential for human error and eliminates double data entry.

As the one-stop shop for payment acceptance solutions, we guarantee top-notch security, cost effectiveness, and round-the-clock support. And with our mobile payment advantages, email pay capabilities, and online customer payment portal, you can accept payments at any time, from anywhere.

Seamless integration

Accept payments directly inside your accounting or ERP software, through your online store, at your brick-and-mortar location, or on the go with the EBizCharge mobile app. Whatever your payment acceptance needs may be, EBizCharge has an integration that will simplify your process and lower your fees.

Integrated payments simplify payment acceptance by allowing you to process credit, debit, or ACH payments inside your accounting or ERP software. You can apply payments to invoices at several stages in the billing process, and your accounts receivable and general ledger will update accordingly. Say goodbye to toggling between programs and entering the same data multiple times for a single transaction.

Given the customer-facing nature of eCommerce stores, a smooth transaction experience is critical. The easier it is to do business with your company, the more likely a customer will return. That’s why we’ve developed EBizCharge integrations for over 20 leading eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento, and Volusion. Your customers enjoy a hassle-free checkout process, and payments sync back to your accounting or ERP software, so it’s convenient on your end, too.

Our simple and secure POS solutions enable easy in-person EMV payment acceptance, with or without a physical terminal. These wireless, portable terminals stand alone and easily connect to your accounting platform for painless reconciliation, eliminating the need for bulky hardware that can be expensive to maintain and difficult to secure. You can safely store customer payment information for repeated use and create powerful custom reports with your EMV transaction data to view key metrics at a glance.

Take payments on the go with the EBizCharge Mobile app. Whether you’re on the showroom floor, at a trade show, or in the field, you can use your device to accept payments on outstanding invoices. Once a payment is approved, the invoice will automatically sync back to your accounting system as paid. Run a quick sale and get paid instantly, generate an order on the fly, and view transaction history with full details.

No matter how you receive payment on your invoices, EBizCharge will mark them as paid, update your accounts receivable and general ledger, and send your customers a receipt—all with a few clicks.

Subscription management

If your business uses a subscription model or you have customers on terms, implementing recurring billing cycles can transform your accounting process and save you time on billing every month. With EBizCharge, you can easily onboard customers and save their preferred payment methods for automatic payment at set intervals. You can also choose to automatically email receipts to your customers after payments are made successfully.

After implementing subscription management systems, roughly 73% of merchants reported that they stopped worrying about late payments.

Eliminate the headache of sending repeat invoices to the same customer, stop worrying about remembering to manually charge your clients on terms, and reduce the amount of time you have to spend making reminder phone calls and sending follow-up emails.

Email payment links

EBizCharge also offers a feature called “email payment links,” which puts the power of payments in your customers’ hands. Send invoices directly to your customers by emailing them a link to a secure webform. They can pay off their balances on their own time with a credit card or ACH account by entering their payment information safely into the form. Their sensitive data is encrypted and stored off-site, so you don’t have to worry about liability, and the payments automatically sync back to your accounting software for painless reconciliation.

Even if your business is closed or you’re out of the office, you can still receive payments. And with the ability to create email templates and schedule them to send at predetermined intervals, you can put invoicing on autopilot.

Customer payment portal

If you have customers with multiple invoices, or clients who want to make partial payments, you can set up an online custom branded payment portal. Your customers can create their own login, view outstanding invoices, and process payments online at their own convenience. They can make full or partial payments using saved or new payment methods from anywhere with an internet connection.

When you give your customers the ability to pay on their own time, it relieves you of the responsibility of tracking them down to make payments over the phone during business hours. It’s more accommodating for all parties, and safer than having your customers read off credit card information out loud and jotting it down for later entry into your software. And when you eliminate the possibility of mishearing a number or inputting it incorrectly, you reduce the potential for costly and time-consuming errors.

In-house development and support

EBizCharge integrations are developed in-house by a team committed to identifying pain points and building powerful solutions to solve them. They’re constantly finding new ways to deliver a better payment experience to you and your customers, and they’ll work with you to design a solution that meets your business’ needs.

Our in-house support team is easily reached and always ready to help you troubleshoot any issues so you don’t lose out on valuable revenue. You’ll never have to deal with long wait times or frustrating call centers again.

Security + compliance

Every EBizCharge payment solution is fully PCI compliant straight out of the box and utilizes the latest in payment security, including encryption, tokenization, and off-site data storage. These measures keep your customers’ payment information safe from theft and fraud and reduce your company’s liability by storing data in the cloud rather than on your servers.

Our integrations are equipped with fraud modules that give you the ability to filter out unwanted transaction attempts using a variety of screening options. You can set transaction limits, flag orders with mismatched addresses, block duplicate transactions, and choose not to do business with certain countries or IP addresses, according to your business’ security preferences.

Built for the future

EBizCharge integrations are designed to streamline your accounting process and lower your credit card processing fees so that you can focus more of your resources on what matters: growing your business. Scalable, adaptable, and powerfully functional, our integrations automate your tedious tasks and compile your payment data into insightful reports for valuable analysis and transformative prediction.

We charge no installation, maintenance, or upgrade fees, and we don’t require you to sign a contract. Integrity is one of our founding values and we’re committed to proving, day in and day out, that EBizCharge is the payment solution you can trust to carry your business into the future.

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