What to Look for when Seeking Credit Card Processing in Orange County, California

If you are a business owner seeking credit card processing in Orange County, California, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of merchant services available near you. How do you find the right fit for your business? With data breaches being a significant problem amongst retailers, business owners need to be more cautious today than ever before of the risks involved with improper payment processing. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you are shopping for credit card processing in Orange County:

Protect Your Clients

Your main concern should be keeping your customers’ credit card information secure. Stay Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant by following PCI regulations at all times.

Protect Yourself

Even if you are PCI compliant, you may still not be fully protected against hackers. What is the best way to keep yourself safe? You can find credit card processing in Orange County that will provide a virtual gateway into its own network. What does this mean for you? The merchant service provider has full liability, and you will not be held responsible for any lost data if a potential security breach were to occur.

Stay Technologically Savvy

Payment processing constantly adapts to the latest and greatest technology. The most important thing for you to focus on is how you can take advantage of these advancements, such as encryption and token technology, to keep your customers safe. To learn more about this, click here.


Technology-based merchant service providers are rising to the top because they can provide integrated payment solutions to software that will allow you to run your business smoothly, quickly, and more efficiently.

Customer Service

These days, companies heavily rely on robots to act as their Customer Support team. In the payment industry, it is dire to speak with a real person who can help you with situations that call for immediate attention. When looking at your options for credit card processing in Orange County, it is crucial that you find a merchant service provider that can offer a real human operator to handle sticky situations, such as chargebacks, fraud screening, and other technical issues.

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