Integrated BusinessWorks Credit Card Processing

  • Process credit card payments against single or multiple open invoice balances and record payment directly into BusinessWorks
  • Process sales order credit card deposits and record payment directly into BusinessWorks
  • Process credit memo and have it applied directly into BusinessWorks
  • Process credit card void, refund and credit transactions
  • Store customer credit card on our payment gateway for reuse on future transactions
  • Store and maintain your customer’s credit card data securely in the gateway, eliminating any liabilities associated with keeping the data in your system while also using reusing for future purchases

Enjoy the following benefits of Century’s integrated BusinessWorks credit card processing:

1. Easier, Safer Customer Payments

With the integrated BusinessWorks credit card processing solution, you can post credit card transactions simultaneously so you save time, energy, and resources by eliminating the tiresome, error-prone chore of re-keying data. Not only do you get rid of the extra steps previously required to process credit card transactions and then post them, you reduce the risk of credit card security breaches that can cost your company a significant amount of money.

2. Customizable General Ledger Financial Reports

Focus on obtaining the information you need with new drill-down capabilities in General Ledger while customizing standard reports, including adding/removing fields, rearranging fields, printing in landscape mode, and changing sort/filter options. You’ll be able to drill down to the account detail on the Trial Balance and consolidate some accounts on the Income Statement while still providing full details on other accounts. Century’s integrated BusinessWorks credit card processing integration allows easy sending of data without worrying about formatting changes.

3. Better manage your payments

Gain more control and visibility into your payment process when you select vendor invoices for payment within the integrated BusinessWorks credit card processing module. You can take advantage of available discounts while ensuring invoice due dates are not missed. You can view all invoices selected for payment for all vendors along with the total number of invoices and the total dollar amount, and automatically apply open credits to the oldest invoices first or apply them to specific invoices of your choice.
Open your business’ merchant account with Century today to discover how you can benefit from the following:

  • NO Daily Discount – instead, fees are debited once a month
  • NO Outsourcingyou can take unlimited advantage of our responsive, 24/7 customer service provided by our in-house client services team in California.
  • NO Installation/Software Update Feesinstallations and updates are provided as part of our service
  • eBizCharge Gateway contains more features for filtering and viewing past transactions
  • Detailed and Customizable Transaction and Batch Reporting Tools

If you are currently using Sage Payment Systems (SPS) and looking for a better alternative to process credit cards right inside BusinessWorks itself, then look no further. Our integrated BusinessWorks credit card processing module will get you lower fees, our quality customer support, and save you time.

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