Reporting Products

We understand the importance of providing direct online access to your time-sensitive transaction information. For this reason, we’ve equipped eBizCharge with reporting tools that help identify unnecessary costs incurred from chargebacks, assist with reconciliation, and let you easily tend to customer inquiries. eBizCharge comes with several report templates included, but you can also easily customize reports to your specific requirements.

In addition, eBizCharge provides unlimited transaction searching ability- so you’ll always have quick access to the information you need. Our expansive reporting tools, let you review any transaction using over 50 different options including:

  • Transaction reference number
  • Transaction type
  • Status
  • Batch date
  • Authorization code
  • Description
  • And many others!

MyClientLine with Century Business Solutions:

Our relationship with First Data gives you access to another reporting tool called MyClientLine. This tool lets you view prior merchant statements, check interchange rate qualifications, and browse batch funding. Our own U.S. based support team–rather than First Data’s–will be happy to assist you with this tool (or any other) if necessary. Help is always complimentary, so you may call as often as you’d like.


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