VeriFone MX-915 – Maximum Performance with Minimum Space.

The VeriFone MX-915 is designed to engage your consumers in new ways and enhance your business. With its full-motion video display and slim space-saving design, it captures consumer attention without adding clutter to your countertop.

The VeriFone MX-915 is the ideal platform for a variety of value-added services such as administrating loyalty programs, gift card issuance and top-up services. A rich media experience is provided via a high-speed processor and generous memory. The bright 4.3″ color display supports full-motion video, enhancing customer interaction and increasing revenue opportunities. It’s also NFC-enabled, to capitalize on the coming wave of smart phone transactions, and supports EMV chip and PIN payments. The VeriFone MX-915 provides a complete credit card processing solution in a sleek package.

Consumer Friendly Design

The VeriFone MX-915 has a colorful display designed to bring customer messaging, advertising and video campaigns to life. You and your customers can enjoy the following features:

  • Clean lines and modern sleek design
  • Crystal clear, 4.3” flush mount display
  • Chemically-hardened screen, built for long lasting use
  • High-speed graphics processor
  • State-of-the-art stylus
  • Linux-based OS and application development environment offer maximum flexibility
  • Large screen area efficiently accommodates optional signature capture along with scrolling account activity, branding, and promotional offers
  • Integrated, tactile, back-lit keypad to speed customers through lanes while reducing errors
  • Remotely inject encryption keys anytime, anywhere with the VeriShield Remote Key option

Functionality and Flexibility

Quickly capture new markets as they evolve with contact-less payment capabilities within your business. Enjoy the following benefits while accepting credit card payments for your business:

  • VeriFone HQ software simplifies device management and reduces overall support costs, all while easily integrating into your current environment. It offers device management, diagnostics, and content management capabilities.
  • Web Development Environment (WDE) provides a unique combination of web technology and a secure payment framework for powerful and flexible application development platforms.
  • Supports end-to-end security with VeriShield Total Protect, secured by RSA, which eliminates sensitive cardholder data from the payment device and merchant infrastructure through tokenization.

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