Quickbooks credit card processing fees

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Fees Getting You Down?

QuickBooks users who utilize the native credit card processing feature in QuickBooks all seem to have two things in common:

  1. They like the service they’re getting very much.
  2. They pay entirely too much for it.  QuickBooks credit card processing fees can be brutal.

What if there were a way to process inside QuickBooks just like you do now, but with lower QuickBooks credit card processing fees?  We developed our own QuickBooks credit card module to do everything that Intuit’s module does and to obtain lower base costs on all kinds of credit cards and debit cards–especially business-type cards and government purchasing cards.

Record credit card transactions at any or all of these four stages:

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Receipt
  • Invoice
  • Received Payments

  • Automatically posts payments in Accounts Receivable (AR) and General Ledger (GL).
  • Marks invoices as paid upon transactions’ approval.
  • Automatically obtains lowest QuickBooks credit card processing fees on all types of credit and debit cards, especially business-type cards and government purchasing cards
  • Can send payment requests via email. Payments are automatically posted to QuickBooks once paid.
  • Greatly facilitates repeat orders by storing customer information in our own virtual vault–never on your own system.

  • ONE monthly charge
  • ONE monthly statement
  • ONE point of contact for merchant services
  • ZERO setup* fees, upgrade fees, or support fees
  • Our virtual gateway, which makes looking up past transactions and running reports easier than ever
  • Mobile payment apps, making trade show or other on-the-go transactions a snap

Watch a short video about our payment processing solution for QuickBooks