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So, you think square up fees are too high? Looking for an alternative to Apple’s credit card processing? Century Business Solutions has developed an app that functions just like Square, giving you the ability to key in or swipe transactions. The difference is in the pricing–and, that difference can be quite drastic.

Still the Apple of your eye?

Square offers two different prices for transactions: a swiped rate of 2.75% and a keyed rate of 3.5% + $0.15. The simple fact is consumers use a multitude of credit cards–about 350 total–and each one has a different cost set by Visa and MasterCard. The vast majority of these cards cost much less than 2.75% to accept–in fact, most debit cards, a popular choice among consumers and businesses alike, cost only 0.05%, an absolutely piddling amount. Even most consumer rewards cards only hover around 1.5%, and most business-type cards can top out around 2.65%. Information like that is largely kept secret from business owners because, well, who wants to thumb through a gigantic interchange guide every six months?

Can Century square up against Square?

The short answer: yes. Century Business Solutions offers square up alternatives in the form of a mobile app that works exactly like Square. Its chief difference is that, in addition to syncing with an actual merchant account, it offers true card costs, which are often vastly less than what Square charges. There are two ways to process through the app, called EBizCharge:

  • Keying in transactions. You can do this exactly as you would in Square, and even email receipts to customers like you would with Square. No more 3.5% transactions on cards that cost less than a tenth of 1% to accept!
  • Swiping credit cards. If you see lots of customers face to face, you can use a PaySaber Jack and save a bit of time. At between $50-100, the jack can be cost-prohibitive if you don’t accept much in volume, so we recommend keying in transactions unless you see many, many customers each day. Swiped transactions are usually much less than 2.75% via the PaySaber jack.

Square up alternatives against unfair pricing!

In today’s climate where credit card processors saturate every business phone line in America, business owners need a break. Square is a quick solution, but business owners certainly pay a good deal to use it. Contact us about our Square up alternatives and we’ll show you how much we can save you.

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