In addition to Century Business Solutions’ second to none software integration products, we are capable of processing through your current stand alone terminal, or set you up with a brand new terminal processing system like the VeriFone MX-915. Whether you are simply comfortable with your current process, don’t like change, or have an emotional connection with your current dial-up terminal, Century Business Solutions can keep you right where you are with your hardware and terminal processing, all while saving you money every month.

Terminal processing is typically used in a retail setting, in which the customer must swipe their card for purchase of a good. There are many different models of terminals on the market, but the most common are the dial-up terminals that plug into a phone jack. These terminals are slowly becoming obsolete as mobile payment solutions are becoming more technologically advanced. These mobile solutions can manage inventory, integrate with a billing software, and more.

For some, utilizing terminal processing is the only way they have ever performed business, and making a switch to a virtual terminal/gateway doesn’t feel right. For this reason, Century Business Solutions has many terminal-based solutions to keep you within your realm of comfort without sacrificing cost efficiency.

Terminal Processing with Century Business Solutions

Here at Century Business Solutions, we do everything in our power to make this essential piece of your business run as smooth as possible. Our unrivaled support team will guide you through the entire process of switching your merchant account, setting up your new terminal processing system, downloading your existing terminal, and deliver unlimited technical support for the life of your account with us. Terminal processing transforms from an unclear and touchy subject, to a relaxing and secure conversation.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We believe that the establishment of trust should be the foundation of our relationship. That’s why we choose to be upfront with every merchant that we bring on board, giving each and every merchant the same first-class service, no matter how big or small your company may be– Our clients are our first priority.

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